Monday, 14 July 2014

This sleeping in has to end.

It is so unlike me to stay in bed in the morning, but of late on my days off I have been being somewhat of a lazy bum and going back to bed after feeding the animals with a hot drink and the paper.  Then a few hours later I wake up again!! I blame Winter.  This will all end once TOF is back, and life will finally get back to my kind of normal.  Only five days to go!

just in case you don't know
today is

I took on board my scolding from Jak
about writing on the clean wall.

I potted about at home for most of the morning doing the little things that required to be done.  Then I met up with my friend Dawn and some of her grandchildren at a place called Chipmunks. Totally for the wee people and very cool, colourful, and NOISY!!!

So many little people all in one place
bumping into each other.

But they were all having the best ever time.

Back home in my back yard I released the girls so they could have a scratch on the lawn and in the garden.  It wasn't long before the dogs and old Tex turned up to join in.

 The peach tree is starting to
sprout blossom.

 Dorothy aka Mrs Wickham found a chair.

 Sheba had a moment of panic when
Tex sat next to her ball!

My favourite daisy of all the one that grows on the lawn.

 My Daphne bush is smothered in flowers
and it smells perfect!

Little man Oscar
had a bath yesterday
and amazingly he is still clean!

Now before I go I must share some photos from yesterday.  I visited some good friends of mine that have recently inherited the most beautiful Labrador dog called Ralph.  I think he is about seven and he has settled into their home well.

Isn't he just a gorgeous boy?

Then the most amazing
Double Rainbow
appeared in the sky.

Driving home the sun was retreating to the other side of the world
and the sunset was pure magic.

 If you are lucky enough to have a dog in your life
you will so understand the unconditional
love that they give.

It's still Monday!!


Leeanne said...

No dog in my life anymore, once there was & she was the best! Rhodesian Ridgeback.
Ralph is a fine looking chap. As are all your critters. I used to have a 'collection' of chooks in my 'Naki' days, I had some Plymouth Rocks like you.
You had a colourful outfit on whilst you did your vandalsing!
I am waiting to see when my white Daphne flowers, although after all the rain we had her bottom was rather soggy in the big pot she lives in.

Vix said...

Such a lovely colourful post. You are naughty scribbling on the wall. Have you tried using the chalk in your hair? Bet blue and pink would look ace!
Your animal photos are so cute. I'm a cat person through and through although I often fall in love wit dogs. x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love cats and always had them growing up ... but you can't beat a dog for absolute devotion ... there's something reassuring in the way they gaze adoringly at you :0)

Helga said...

I had SO much more energy and enthusiasm when we were on holiday...getting out of bed is a huge struggle since we've been back.
I like to make Monday the best day of the week, as I get tired of people whingeing about it!

pastcaring said...

So many lovely things to enjoy - colourful you (and your graffiti!), your beautiful garden, all the furry and feathered creatures, and a double rainbow. Gorgeous! xxx

Shawna McComber said...

I love living vicariously through your blog, with your gorgeous photos, your flowers and animals and of course YOU! Oscar looks a bit pissed off at being clean. Or maybe at having his photo taken.
Here is my version of Sue advice: Sleep in because life is full of times when you can't. Take the rest your body wants and enjoy it and feck off to anyone who suggests you shouldn't. Unless that someone is TOF and then ask him if he has any better ideas.

Goody said...

I miss our dog so much, but I don't think I could bear another. 17 years was a good, long life for him, but the loss was (and still is after a couple years) too, too much. Now no one is ever excited to see me when I walk through the door ;)

Sleep sounds pretty great to me-I wouldn't spend more than 2 seconds feeling guilty about it.

Love the top layer with the swirls of colour.

peaches mcginty said...

Aww, we nearly had a dog, when my Uncle was ill he had a beloved dog, we said we would take him, he came for a visit and then he bit my Aunt, our kids were quite little then, it was all a bit of a sad ending really, that was the nearest - it's true, dogs just love don't they, cats will come over if they feel like it - enjoy your lie-ins, sometimes we need it! it's just a re-charge! double rainbows are very lucky and you are naughty writing on the wall, ha! I love it! and of course I love your outfit! x x x