Sunday, 20 July 2014

You asked, so you get!!

So some of you wanted to know where my wedding photos were, well fasten your seat belts, have a potty stop first because you shall get a good laugh.  Now this was 1992, a Thursday night in our own back yard at our first home with four friends and a seriously old Justice of the Peace with a dodgy stutter.

We listened, TOF put a ring on it, so I gave him a SNOG!

Our entire wedding party/guests.
One Black Forest Gateau for our Wedding Cake,
A low key, inexpensive fun evening.

Sure some people got their noses out of joint because it was so small, in fact we phoned our parents after we had got married to mixed reactions.  But it is what we wanted, it suited us and hell we are still together after 22 years so we must have got something right!!

In true Goody style this is what I say to those who got pippy!!
And I wouldn't do it any different.
Now here are some of the photos
I took on Friday.

So there you go!
I am pretty chuffed with the results
and so to are the Bride and Groom.
But NO
I wouldn't want to do this for a job.
I just enjoy taking photos
for people I know.

Backing up to Friday morning....

I forgot these were taken on my little camera that lives in my handbag of the hearty frost we had on Friday morning.  My bird bath was officially closed as a bath and reopened as and ice skating rink instead.  When we get one of these good old Waikato frosts we always end up with a ball terror of a day, and it was bloody gorgeous let me tell you!!

Today I went out to collect the small box full of fabulous TG Green and Co china that I had purchased off trade me.  I love this stuff, my dinner set is the pale green with white spots, also a trade me score.  The seller said I got a good deal as she put the wrong buy now price, (sucker) so I played super dumb and went 'Really', of course I knew I had scored well, I may be blonde but I sure ain't DUMB!  I then went to a shopping mall nearby to get TOF a stash of his favourite Aniseed wheels, (remember he is home again for a few days) and then I found these to kick arse necklaces on sale in a posh shop.  Why have one when you can have both!!

It has been a very lazy weekend at home just chilling out, of course I get to continue with the chill out program tomorrow while TOF and the son toddle off to work.  TOF heads off up north again on Wednesday for another two weeks and THEN he should be home for good again.  Bloody better be!!

Have a great week!!
and if you are still on your weekend
then have a marvelarse one!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Well done on the photos they look great. Love the one of the fellas being all gangsta by the car :D

Leeanne said...

What fun wedding photo's, looks like you had a great time. Like you say you are still together after 22 years, that's big for these days.

pastcaring said...

I think weddings should be exactly what you want them to be, and if that's low-key and intimate rather than a big shebang, then that's your choice. You all look happy and relaxed, Sue, great photos!
The wedding pics you took are rather amazing, a different kind of a do, that's for sure! I bet the couple are delighted with them. Gorgeous frosty photos too. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

It's not surprising that you, Sue, with the keenest eye for Beauty in the smallest bit of Life, would enjoy such a private party of a wedding as yours and TOF's.

Laughter also has the virtue of chasing away joy-suckers.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I just love your wedding ... I'm sure it was 100 times more enjoyable than a fancy do. If I ever had a do over it's just the kind of wedding I would have.
The pictures you took are just gorgeous ... bet your new flash came in handy :0)

Shawna McComber said...

You make me laugh so that must be why I luvs ya!

I think your wedding looks perfect and you and TOF absolutely adorable! Your own not-professional photos are stunning but being a pro could definitely ruin the pleasure of taking photos.

Hooray for TOF coming home for good soon, for pretty photos of ice and frost and for two gorgeous flower necklaces and a good deal on the crockery!

Helga said...

O, yeah, it's your own day to do whatever you will! But tradition is likely what gets people peeved....boring old tradition!!!
22 years most certainly means you got something right! G and I got together the same year!

Julie said...

More gorgeous wedding pics there Sue - both your own & the ones from the other day. Just lovely.
And so true ... after 22 years you sure did get something right. By the way ... did you have any Op Shop purchases at your wedding by any chance?? :-)

Vix said...

That's a year after Jon and I got together. Weddings have never been my thing but I reckon your way was just right - a day exactly how you wanted it.
Lovely photos of the happy couple. Bet they were thrilled! x

Connie said...

Great photos . . . and I am so happy that you had the wedding that you wanted. So many people give in to what everyone else expects. Sorry, who's wedding is it anyway.
Keep Smiling . . .
And congratulations on 22 years.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Wee Wendy said...

Thank you for posting the pics up! I love that your wedding was exactly what you wanted, wish mine had been! But never mind, at the end of the day it's just one day, and it's the years that follow that matter isn't it? Your posh pics are fabulous, very talented photographer you are! x

Goody said...

I adore the whole low-key wedding thing (we had to drag a couple of office workers from the County Clerk's office to be our witnesses) and you all look so very happy. And of course, you wore great shoes! Never understood spending a fortune to throw a party-how can anyone possibly enjoy themselves under those circumstances? You do seriously have a knack for photographing people-you've managed to capture such great moments another photographer might have overlooked.

peaches mcginty said...

Your wedding looks fab and done exactly how you wanted it, it's how it should be! our's was informal and a laugh, pub dinner for everyone and our music on the jukebox, in Gretna Green, it really was a relaxed one - your photo's are brilliant, you really did an awesome job, they are such a beautiful couple x x x