Monday, 11 August 2014

A morning spent in Cambridge.

Cambridge is an easy 15 minute drive on a good day from my place and today was a good day!  I needed to pick up some curtains for my sister that she had purchased off trade me so I arranged to collect them today, my day off.  There are places I have wanted to have a look at, and in, for a very long time and my plan was to do this today. Yes I had a plan!!

Like this glasshouse.

Inside was lovely and warm,
colourful and almost tropical looking.

Back outside and into the neighbouring park that houses and old bowling green and building, a beautiful  old Band Rotunda, and magnificent flowering trees.

 Rhododendrons I think.

The Band Rotunda is big and beautiful and the ornamental ironwork
totally did it for me.

Not old by world standards, but for New Zealand anything over 100 years is considered old.  We are such a baby country in this world of ours, still quite new.  But we do have our own slice of history.

Behind the Bowling Club and Rotunda there is a lake, who knew? Not me! TOF knew! Paths leading down and around the lake I could see from where I stood, maybe on a nice Spring day I will venture down and check it all out, might have to take TOF with me seen as he knew of its existence.

A lot of the older houses in Cambridge are beautiful Weatherboard ones with lovely gardens, then you get a big modern bugger like the one on the bottom right!  Cambridge is very old English and a place I could happily move in to, it has a good vibe, but I would have to have one of the old weatherboard houses, not a new one.

Cambridge is known as one of the leading Horse breeding places in our country, many a fine thorough bred has come from this area. Cambridge is also the home of NZ Rowing, and Cycling as world class facilities are situated in the Cambridge area.  Tis a very cool place!

The Town Hall is in my mind a beautiful building with a large paved area in front of it leading on to a Cenotaph, lovely little gardens, and the town clock.

Stunning Magnolias in full flower, and beds of colour,
oh yeah, colour, my favourite!


 Tick tock, tick tock!!

Sculpture, a little tease for me.

Somehow I think I would be a mass of excitement
if I ever got to England!!

These Mosaic Horse heads are set into the footpaths.

Cambridge has a mix of old and new buildings in its tree lined main  street.  Plenty of cafes, gorgeous gift/home ware shops, Antique shops, and a handful of Op Shops and the usual sort of shops you find in a small but thriving town.  

Yes I popped into 3 of Op Shops,
with little to bring home.
Show and tell will come later!

I am not a religious person but I do have a love of old buildings, maybe because I come from a long line of builders, from boats, to Churches and houses.  This stunning Church has always drawn my eye and today I stopped to have a wander around  and learn more about it.

 Blue doors and Pigeons roosting high!

The doors were open wide inviting me inside.

So beautiful, the wood, the windows,
the  quiet and peacefulness of this lovely old building.

Isn't the colour divine!!

The Parish Hall was busy with elderly ladies
and resident Pigeons.

I wore colour and warmth today!!

Floral Doc Martens, Alpaca scarf and my felted hat.
With layers of course.

50 cent books from Habitat.

Of course I didn't come straight home,
I had things to do
and those things included
visiting Habitat for Humanity's Store,
and getting wood shavings for the girls nesting box. 

 Photo bombed by my dear little Casie!!

Everything on the left was 50 cents each from a church op shop in Cambridge, I love the old tape measure.  But my fabulous frock was in the post, another little old trade me purchase, by Jean Jones my favourite NZ label, and a fraction of the normal retail.  I absolutely adore rich people that buy gorgeous things and then on sell at a far more affordable price when they are done with it, and I do not mind waiting!!

All in all it was a grand day so I got my happy groove going on in the back garden.  Woohoo for nice high fences so my neighbour and the school kids cannot see what I get up to when no one is looking!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

Well Cambridge looks pretty stunning ... as do your boots ... love them!! How many pairs is that now?? ;0)

Beth Waltz said...

Floral Docs?! Designed with you in mind, of course. The floral ornament on your felt hat is essential for the ensemble. In fact, this was the quintessential "lady who looks at parks and churches" outfit!

pastcaring said...

Cambridge is certainly very pretty. Parks and bandstands and glass houses and statues, some of my favourite things! Oh and a chance to op shop too, even better! I like churches too, though I am not remotely religious - I like the smell, the atmosphere, and the stained glass.
You really should visit England, Sue, you would LOVE it here - you'd be dancing for joy the entire time! xxx

Vix said...

Cambridge looks lovely - the bandstand and stone lions are very British looking indeed! xxx

Julie said...

A great day out Sue. I love Cambridge too & its only 15 mins for me down the road too. Sometimes I pop over for a visit. I loved all your photos, that church is beautiful for sure. I loved your outfit you wore too especially the scarf & felted hat :-) Havent found Habitat in Cambridge yet ... looks like its worth seeking out.

Wee Wendy said...

You have some really lovely architecture in NZ, and I don't blame you for eyeing up the weatherboard houses, so much more character than the modern stuff. Just loving the groove going on.... the layering queen strikes again! x

Goody said...

If you ever do get to England I suspect there will be a group of ladies that won't let you leave ;)

I just adore all the beautiful lace and embroidered items you find. Someone put so much work into making them, it is good for them to find a home where they will be appreciated and used. If anyone donated MY needlework when I'm gone... I'm going to come back and HAUNT them! The Linen and Thread book looks interesting. I don't do pulled threadwork but it certainly is fun to look at what other people (with extreme patience)can achieve.

Your scarf is just stunning, and with the hat even better.

Leeanne said...

Fab post! yes Cambridge is nice. My friend Julie took me there for a spot of shopping! love your white felted hat & scarf.