Sunday, 10 August 2014

Because this is how we roll on a Sunday

Sunday is always a bit of a lie in sort of day, followed with a bacon, egg and hash brown type of breakfast.  Todays bacon came from the market yesterday at Gordonton, and very nice indeed, and the eggs were provided by our girls.

They spent the day out in the back garden as a thank you!

Tex and I went back to bed.  He slept and I read my book.  But there is only so much staying in bed I can do, so I was up and out, dressed and ready to face the rest of the day.............just before lunch time!

I went and visited my lovely young friend Nadia, she is the mother of this gorgeous boy called Roo.  She had a big out door pot for me to collect, which I did but after I had a wander around her garden.  Full of  lovely old fashioned flowering shrubs planted by her granny.  Lily of the Valley, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and other very familiar things to me that I love.

This is the pot, and I planted the Camellia that I bought yesterday while out in it plus some other pots of colour that I got when TOF and I went out this afternoon.  We went to Oderings Garden centre to pick up some $1 plants.  Then we stopped off at Chartwell Shopping Centre to get TOF some of his favourites.

Aniseed wheels!

Now back to that pot and my planting.

Once the Camellia was planted I gave it a bit of a haircut prune, because I think I might make it into a Standard style plant.  Round the base I added my instant colour  and other bits from about my garden to the pot is chocka block!!

 A bit of watering via the sky and a close up of some of the plants.

The bits I pruned off I put in my purple
spotted jug with some Rosemary.

Waste not want not!

TOF found a fragrant Beronia which he potted up and I put my left over colourful plants in another pot out on the deck.  I love pots full of colour, and pots make for a moveable garden!!

The girls enjoyed the afternoon scratching about
in the back yard while we potted about.
Sheba kept an eye on things at all times
after all she is a working dog!

TOF as the Chicken Whisperer!
Me doing patchwork
Harem pants.

 Happy hens!

The day was nearing an end so the girls wandered on down the path to their designated spot in the back yard, Oscar reflected on the day, the last of the Idesia berries stood out in the sky, and Sheba was waiting for TOF.  Tex of course was inside waiting by the fridge as he required feeding.

If you hang out in your undies in the garden
remember to take a photo
and blog it!!


Poppy Q said...

Everyone looks like they are having a grand old day out in the garden and they are some happy hens. It was glorious and sunny during the day and of course I had to work - never mind it pays the bills!!

Love your coat - what a bargin!!

Julie and Poppy Q

Beth Waltz said...

What a fine flock your girls are! When I was young, we had a very assorted collection of hens like yours. (The black Minorca could fly!) Going out in the yard was a great treat for them, too, and they kept up a noisy commentary as they discovered tasty tidbits.

That large pot with simple decorations is ideal for the camelia: well chosen!

Serenata said...

Oh my gosh, seeing those aniseed wheels and you mentioning Chartwell shops brought back some memories! It has been YEARS since I had some of those...and probably when I used to live in Hamilton!

Sounds like a grand day all in all.

Fiona said...

What a beautiful pussy...ooh err v. Mrs Slocombe I know. Actually, I have posted a snap of my knickers on the line, a couple of years ago I think...if you're interested that is, which I'm sure you're not. Look at your camellia, flowers and all. I got one flower the first year and nothing since, miserable sodding thing.

Shawna McComber said...

Hooray for patchwork and harem pants and a lovely pot and for TOF the chicken whisperer.

Your home and garden looks like such a lovely place to be, I would love to hang out with the girls and have a nice quiet weekend.

Helga said...

The chicken whisperer!!! Brilliant!
O, I long to lie in bed for a whole DAY...haven't had an opportunity for a lie in at all recently; I keep having to get up and do shit. Worse now that G is on crutches, as I have to get up and do what he would normally do but can't! Grrr!
Isn't this sunshine wonderful?!

Goody said...

Oooh, boronia is beautiful, but unheard of in my part of the world (except for some botanical gardens, and that sort of thing). They're supposed to be difficult to cultivate, but yours looks wonderful. I adore anything in the evergreen family, and have tons of rosemary to deal with. I never thought of using it as greenery with cut flowers-what a great idea. And a spotted pitcher too-talk about perfect.

That patchwork is a work of art. Certainly better than anything I could manage. I did (per your request) link in the comments to a few of the quilts you asked about. I should get them all out and do a proper set of photos.

Do keep us posted on the new plants-I'm really excited to see what they do.

pastcaring said...

My camellia didn't fare too well this winter, so it's been moved to a different spot to see if that helps. Yours looks healthy, and I love to see all your colourful pots.
Chicken Whisperer - that's a fine job! Happy critters, and you in patchwork, lovely. xxx