Monday, 25 August 2014

Down but not out!

The weekend had been and gone before I even knew it had turned up and left.

Most of it was spent outside in the sunshine in the garden or chilling out reading my book.  Since being inadequately dressed for Rugby on Friday night, I have been feeling fluish. Someone must have lost their cold because I have found it.  Well you know, sore throat, sneezing and all that jazz. 

But on Sunday morning TOF and I ventured off bright and early to the local Farmers Market.  He was on a mission to buy food!  As in Potato Bread, being Irish and all it had to be purchased off the most delightfully  funny Irish lady.  He also got an assortment of things from Volarie a cafe style bread stall and some snags (sausages) from a butcher called 'Wholly Cow'.

The creepers got planted either side of the swing seat and wee Oscar got a poof and a pamper.  He not only looks good but smells great too.  Unfortunately it won't last long as little white dog doesn't like being White!

Today I was grateful that I didn't have to go to work.  I needed to go to the bank for one of the lads so I got dressed for the day.  I still had a dry throat, still sneezing, and sounded like an 0800SPANKORWANK person. My voice was on the huskier side of things most of the day.

I made myself the yummiest cheese and onion toasted sandwich and washed it down with a cup of Earl Grey whilst in the company of my dogs.  It was so beautiful outside and so warm that I hoisted the umbrella.

I finished my cuppa sitting in one of the big blue chairs with the girls scratching about under my feet.  I finished my book 'World without an end' by Ken Follet last night and it was brilliant.  With no interest in reading today I decided to just sit in the garden, enjoy the fresh air and sun, and simply watch the world pass by, through my camera of course.

The only thing that disturbed my peace was a little plane!

Sitting under my big Idesia tree full of berries
I waited for this black bird to arrive.
(it kept coming and going)

 And watch it indulge in a banquet of berries.

 Spring bulbs are popping up everywhere.

 With the egg laying done the girls cruised out in the garden.

 The newly shortened lawn was being appreciated.
(another thing I did on the weekend)


 Nature was kicking back with us.

 Tex found a quiet shady spot on the deck to do what he does best.

 Anenomies or Ranunculas I can never remember which?

And these bastards are back!
This can only mean the warmer weather really is on its way.

 The washing shared the breeze and sunshine with the birds.

My instant colour is doing very well!

The view from the table I lunched at.

White dog trying desperately to make himself un-white and smelly!

Polianthus, got to love the Pollies.

My Yin and Yan dogs.
Big and small, black and white, female and male.

Late this afternoon I went out to pick up all these plants, 16 in total.  I won this auction on trade me on Sunday, $37 for all of them, and I am going back to get some more that haven't been dug up.  The people are in the middle of digging up their entire garden to replant and decided to flog the plants off on Trade Me.  Good for me, I don't mind second hand plants!!  

Guess I will be busy planting this week each afternoon.

 So I am off to work tomorrow
to sneeze everywhere.
Before I go...
 Oscar all dressed up with no where to go!

He really does need a Tiara tho'.


Beth Waltz said...

The sandwich and cuppa combo completed this vision of a perfect day for R&R in your family's garden sanctuary. Eden never saw birds more wonderful than your hens and the berry-eating blackbird!

Sorry that you're ill, Sue. And isn't it an odd rule of nature that one's hairdo always turns up best on the days no one sees us but the pets!

Poppy Q said...

Sounds like you have the flu that is doing the rounds. Take care, plenty of fluids and all that.

Glad you got some sunshine, we have had a few chilly old days here in Wellington.

Julie and Poppy Q

Curtise said...

Envying your sunshine, it's grey skies and rain all the way here... Glorious photos, the plants were a bargain, and Wholly Cow is a brilliant name! xxx

Vix said...

Who needs a book with all that loveliness to look at? Gorgeous photos and amazing blue sky.
Great bargain on the plants. You put my garden to shame.
Feel better soon. xxxx

Raewyn said...

We had a glorious day up north as well, just lovely. Hope that cold disappears soon. I enjoy your photos, so neat to see spring happening and all the activity in your garden.

Goody said...

The thing that makes Oscar look so hilarious in any situation is that underbite. If he shows his teeth, it just looks like the cheekiest grin. White dogs do know how to find the dirt, don't they?

You had to go and mention potato bread! I haven't made it in years, but maybe it would be a good time to revisit it, as I have a stockpile of potatoes to deal with.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Leeanne said...

Ah well sneezes and all, but so much colour! They flowers that is! Glad you didn't wait for ME to make you that cuppa!

duchess_declutter said...

Having suffered the flu recently too, I think that cheese toastie would be just the best medicine. Great photos! cheers Wendy