Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Those plants got planted.

Today was a mixed bag kind of day.  Before work I had to drop off TOFs lawn mower that won't start at a fixer-upper man who just happens to be in the same street as my work.  With that done I wandered down to work and did my thing!  After 4 hours I was knackered and sick of coughing so I bailed and came home.  Later on this afternoon, well early evening my gardening mojo kicked in and I got stuck in and planted all those plants I got yesterday.

 See, all in the ground.
And watered.
Grow babies grow!!

And for your convenience arrows to show the newly planted plants.
I know, so helpful aren't I?

Pretty tickled with them all
and looking forward
to going and collecting the other plants
on the weekend.



Curtise said...

Sorry to hear you're still struggling with that cough, Sue. But it hasn't stopped you getting on with your planting, I see - lovely plants, and lovely wavy you! xxx

Vix said...

Hopefully all that prettiness in the garden will take your mind off that cough. xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Of course you know that TOF has a remedy for the cough!! ;) Plants look good :D

Goody said...

Peppermint schnapps was always the cough treatment at my house growing up (it was cheaper than cough medicine).

The plants look happier already. They'll grow (if they know what's good for them)-they're in your backyard wonderland of colour!

Julie said...

Hope you are soon feeling lots better & your cough passes Sue. Your new plants were a great bargain & its great time for planting now :-)

Leeanne said...

Blimmin' cough! At least you got your plants in!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oscar you're a star ... and a tiara would be entirely appropriate :0)

Angels have Red Hair said...

Hey!! How did that comment^^^^ get on here?? I'm sure I left that on your last post!!
Oh well just me at my scatter brained best I guess. Can you please bring your green thumb over here sort out my garden for me ... pleeeeaaasse :0)