Thursday, 21 August 2014

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned.....

...well I had a lapse, an oops, a weak moment!

Take your pick but I had one.

Actually that would be two oopsies!

A basket and a set of sheets.

But how could I pass them up when reasonably priced
and starring at me willing me to take them home.

Hope I am forgiven for my sins.

The drapey cardy is brand new with all the shop tags still attached, fits like a glove, well not really a glove, but it fits really nice, may get an outing tomorrow. Then I spied the little fox fur, this was only $5 so cute.

Hows this little lot!  I love using a jug as a vase but I put a jar inside so it doesn't dirty up the jug.  Two gorgeous brooches, and some rhino shaped beads.  The face bowl is Sylvac and the key ring is from Mexico, the cutest little sandal.  Now where will I hang the little plaque?

I didn't get those creepers planted so I may well just have to stay at home tomorrow and sort that out.  Nothing else planned so there is a pretty good chance they will get in the ground and start with the creeping up and over the swing.  Hope fast growing really is true!!

Hope your week is treating you nicely.


Beth Waltz said...

Had I found them first, the basket and sheets would be mine! So there's envy, and intended op shoppe snatching -- and that means at least two of us need to release something back into the shoppes. (I did donate beaded shoes, but they were too small, so does that count?)

Interesting sleeves on your gardening dress!

Angels have Red Hair said...

What was that you said about not buying anymore sheets? Maybe I imagined it ;0)

Raewyn said...

Looks like you had a fun time shopping! Treasures galore :-) Have a fun day planting, the swingseat will look great with the creepers growing.

duchess_declutter said...

all good finds Sue - you have been absolved!

Goody said...

The sheets are purple so...sin absolved. I mean, hello, purple!

Sylvac, is a love I have sworn not to indulge because it would be near impossible for me to stop at a few pieces...though if I found the sad-faced onion jar in a shop...That is a genius idea putting a glass inside the pitcher. That opens up a number of floral arranging options for me now. Thank You!

Leeanne said...

More sheets!!! I guess you have heaps in your stash now.
You are looking very to make a cuppa, we must catch up soon to have one together!

Vix said...

What are you going to do with them? Do you have a plan other than to make us sewists envious over your endless supply of pretty sheets?
Great sleeves on that dress. xxx