Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Time to re pimp my ride!

At least two years ago I scored a garden swing seat for just over $20, well $21 to be exact, off trade me.  TOF did a few welding repairs and I then Pimped it, within an inch of its life. 

Purrrrrrity or what??!!

All the fake flowers, the quilt, and a couple of the cushions were sourced from op shops.  The appliqued cushion in the middle was a gift from Sue W, clever tart.  In summer this is 'THE SPOT' to hang out in total comfort and all under the shade of a large tree.  Many a nana nap has taken place involuntarily on this swing seat.

After two years of  the flowers being exposed to the outdoor elements they are looking a little worse for wear.  

So today I came up with a plan!!


My plan is to plant these either side of the swing seat and let them grow up and across, cool idea huh!  Reading the tags they are FAST growers and that is just the sort of creeper I want creeping. Purple and Yellow, what an awesome colour bomb that is going to be, and scented! Hopefully tomorrow I will get them planted, the ground is nice and soft as we are having some RAIN again.

 Look at all the pets having a top time outside.

Mrs Wickham is a bugger for getting into this garden box.  I busted her today and before I could clap my hands she jumped out and started scratching about as if nothing was going on, 'nothing to see here'.  I have moved my pottery thingies I made from the fence as they kept getting knocked off, they are now wired to the climbing frame in the garden box.  My sweet peas can grow around them.

Blue chairs and white flowers
with ten girls a scratching
while Tex chills out in the last of the sun
on offer for the day.

It is still RAINING!

Check it out, I managed to French Braid my hair!!
Taking photos from behind was a mission,
but I finally got some that worked.

I wore my purple shoes today until the ones on the right arrived via courier.  Same as some others I have in green that are too big, so they are going to live with my sister at the beach.  These fit perfectly and were a very good price for near new off trade me.  Cool colour and I love the Frogs, it is the El Naturalista signature.

With a bit of luck my Creepers will creep super fast
due to that watering can in the sky!


Curtise said...

Oh yes, the rambling flowers all over the frame of your swing will look gorgeous, what a good idea. Lots of very pretty things here - the pets, the flowers, the french plait, and you in your colourful frock! xxx

Vix said...

It looked great before, it'll look even more lovely now! Love the picture of all your animals in the garden and the French plait looks gorgeous. x

Wendy Rayner said...

Your garden is lovely sue,and when all grows up swingy chair,it will look lovely x

Goody said...

What a great idea with the flowers, and a beautiful colour combination.

I need that warning for the bugs in my garden. And purple shoes. Yours are very cool. Your hair looks so great braided like that.

Julie said...

Your seat will look great Sue with the creepers growing round it. I had a Hardenbergia once, they grow real quick. You could then add some purple & yellow cushions to blend with the flowers :-)
You really suit your hair up like that too. I would not know how to do that & would end up with a tangled mess!!!

Shawna McComber said...

Oh so much to love here! Your animals always look so happy and I love seeing glimpses of your garden. Flowering vines on the swing will look great!

LOVE your dress and your shoes, both the purple and the red! Well done with the braid too! I find it easier to french braid my own hair than to do it on someone else. Weird.

Oh and I love your pottery flowers on the fence too!

Leeanne said...

There are sure to be many more nana naps in your new pimped seat! The climbers look swell!