Friday, 1 August 2014

Instant colour, I don't want to wait, I want it now!!

Today was sort of inside out,
and back to front for me.

I had my breakfast in bed and then nodded off for what seemed like only a few minutes and next thing it was nearly 10am. Oh the life of a part time worker!!!!  So I flew out of bed, threw on some clothes, hung out my washing, sorted a few things that needed sorting, then I went out.  My mission today was to get a big pot to re plant a big yucca that was living in a broken pot.  In a trolley I had a big plastic colourful pot, two bags of tub mix, 5 pots of instant colour, and a punnet of 6 large pansies.  Just as I was walking out of the shop (The Warehouse) I found the cutest coat for my sisters poodle Febe, baby pink with white spots, reduced to $2.75.  Then I found dog collars down from $15 to .97cents each, dog toys on sale and other pet related stuff on massive sale!!

Black with white spots for Oscar and Pink with white spots for Sheba.

What good dogs, sharing the new toy!!!

No time to do my potting as I had to go out to Dawns, we were taking some of her new Totem poles to The Garden Art Studio.

 It is always good to see her things on display.

 These are the five Totem poles we took out and installed in the gardens.

Very much liked the metal trees!
There is a huge selections of gorgeous art for sale in the garden and inside the gallery.

 We had a pot of tea for Two and a little something nice to eat.
The concrete Sheep are fabulous.

 Close up of the big beautiful colourful birds on the totems.

I parted company with a chunk of cash
and purchased these two handmade glass brooches.

I love original art,
but I love to wear it best of all!!!

Coming home from Dawns I stopped to take a photo of this magical gate to someones house.  I drive past it every week when I am off to do my airport job I think how much I would like to have a closer look at it.  So today I stopped and had a nosy posy and took these photos.  

I want one!!

Even time to look in a couple or three shops.
Black skirt with White ??? on it
did you guess what the ??? are?
Has one of those uneven wobbly hems lines to.
Retro shower curtain that will make nice lining in my blanket coat.

Yucca now planted in Blue pot, with plenty of instant colour for company!

 I pruned the rose and added some colourful companions to it too!!

My Yucca in the green pot is growing much better now it has a bigger pot.

I bought the two little pottery Angels from the Studio today as well, they look so sweet in the blue pot.  Dawn said we can make them, which we can but I wanted them NOW like my colour in my garden.

Photo op with the plants!!

Two gorgeous Kiwiana Tea Towels from Trade Me
$4 each and brand new.

Not for dishes no no,
for sewing!

I took these photos last night while I was trying to read in bed.  All three of them think they need to sleep with me and all three seem to think they need to be on my side of the bed.  I read until 1:30 in the morning, yes my book is good, and it is beating watching TV hands down at the moment.

Have a lovely weekend my sweeties!!!


Leeanne said...

Another colourful post, you take such lovely photo's.

Beth Waltz said...

Hmmm? The white thingys on the black skirt are "...millions and millions of stars"?

Now show us how a shower curtain becomes a blanket coat liner!

Julie said...

A great colour filled post Sue, Your garden is looking really lovely with all the colour coming through. I did gasp when I saw your retro shower curtain as it looked like another vintage sheet!!! Love the new collars for the pets.
But my favourite by far are Dawns angels ... Oh my, be still my beating heart :-)

Raewyn said...

Sure looks like a fun day - good you found the pot you wanted, it's a great colour. I love all the garden art and installations too and your purchases are very cute. I too am intrigued about a shower curtain lining a blanket coat...please tell us more! Have a great weekend!

Goody said...

Like everyone else, I too am fascinated by the idea of lining a coat with a shower curtain-and what a beautiful curtain it is.

The glass brooches are adorable, as are your friend's totem poles. Those sorts of birds I quite like;)

Isn't it incredible the difference a colourful pot can make in a garden? I have a few (but not nearly enough) and I'm regretting not moving my gardenia into something a bit brighter. Yesterday at the thrift someone had donated an enormous collection of porcelain cat figurines and planters. I used great restraint and only purchased two, but they are happily sitting between the dog planters and the potted herbs. Anyway I thought of you whilst debating whether I needed them and thought, "Sue is right-gardens need colour!"

Shawna McComber said...

Polka DOTS on the skirt all random and awesome! And who doesn't love a wobbly hem? You had a very successful day. I love the little angels and all of Dawn's whimsical creations. The sheep are fantastic! I love the dress you are wearing for posing with cacti and yucca. Have a great weekend, enjoy your book and your fur babies with their lovely new collars and all your colourful plants!