Saturday, 2 August 2014

In my next life I'm gonna be a farmer.

This afternoon I went to visit Sue as she was home alone like me.  The drive out to her place is so lovely and today I took my time stopping to take photos every now and again, just like a pesky tourist!

Even though the weather was dull and overcast the countryside was looking marvelous.   I love everything in the farmlands, rolling hills, farm fences, rickety barns, lines of tall trees, bee hives, and the odd bit of informative signage.  Lucky I didn't pack a gun.

Sue was baby sitting her grand-puppy Astrix, he is full on energy and mischief just like a toddler.  We decided to walk to the neighbours place for a visit, her neighbour is my Insurance lady and such a nice person.  We chatted as you do and then we wandered up to a barn to check out the baby calves.

These calves are only a few days old and seriously cute.  They sucked our fingers and jumped about being silly.  Pretty sure the farm is over 200 acres, decent sized bit of dirt. I so could have snuck a calf home with me, plenty to chose from and I am sure it would be happy in the back garden here.

OMG look at those eyes!!

Spring flowers are springing up everywhere and down the road there were lots of lambs.  I love Spring, all the new growth and animals babies everywhere. My favourite flowers are the Spring ones. Except it really isn't Spring yet, it apparently is still Winter.  Some how we missed the email on seasons because it hasn't been very Wintery at all.  Mild as, in our neck of the woods, and I am not complaining.  If it isn't raining, then to me it is a good day!!

On my way home I had to stop and wait for a bunch of girls that were heading back from being milked.  They totally took their time and seriously checked me out, even stopped to look at me looking at them.  The calves in the paddock were probably trying to spot their mums.  "mum over here, I'm over here!!"

(borrowed image from Google)

I think I could enjoy living on a farm, so in my next life I want to be a farmer and live in a big red barn like this, and TOF can come to, he is pretty handy, and likes animals.  The animals can live in the bottom at night and I will live above them.  Obviously I won't be a serious big time farmer more of a small scale self sufficient type.  Lucky dreams are free because mine would cost a fortune if I had to pay for them all.

Twisties and a dirty old cheese slice.

I cannot wait for TOF to be back home for good so normal eating will resume.  Most nights it is dinner for one as Jak is always out and about as a lad of his age should be.  Speaking of him, he made a purchase today that I was a little worried about, no need, he had it totally sussed.

Yes, a car, a grey one, a station wagon even, and my knowledge is now exhausted right there.  Apparently the previous owners were an OLD couple, I asked how old, and got told, you and dads age. THANKS!!  You can go off your kids in a matter of seconds. Our place has a slight resemblance to a used car yard at the moment, but rumour has it, older brother will be purchasing his old car once some things have been fixed on it.  Anyway he isn't driving the new one until we can get insurance sorted on it on Monday, lucky I have a lovely Insurance lady, and plenty of other cars for him to drive in the mean time!! 

Got to go,
D.C.I Vera Stanhope is about to be on my TV.
(love that program) 



Leeanne said...

Oh I love Vera too! Isn't she just a character! I hope you had a nice time at Sue's. She lives in a nice place.
Lovely spring flowers. I hear what you are saying about going off your made me laugh!We love em, but boy they love to make us feel old!

Beth Waltz said...

Thanks for the glimpses of the dew drops -- at least that's what we call the dainty white flowers here in the States.

Being a working farmer is a hard life, but being a kid or a semi-retired on a smidge of land, ah! that IS a good life, I agree.

Wee Wendy said...

Ooh baby animals, can't get enough of them, those big staring eyes and gorgeous faces. Your neck of the woods is so lovely and scenic, I'd be forever taking pics on my travels if I lived there! And as for cheeky kids, what would we do without them eh?! x

peaches mcginty said...

Oooooh Sue has a gorgeous home - I would love to move in, I wouldn't be a problem, honest! the calves are gorgeous, they really are so pretty, I would have took loads of pics too - is TOF back next weekend? hope so and Jak's new purchase sounds and looks like a good investment, there is only 1 driver so far in this house (I hope to change that) x x x ps dinner looks very nice, but I hope you are eating more x x x

Goody said...

A son arriving home with a station wagon is a relief (he might have pulled up in some crazy sportscar) and he can drive you around shopping-all that room to stow stuff. Ah young people and their ideas about age.

After 12 years on a farm I will be happy if I never see another patch of green. Or flies. Oh god, the flies. *shudder* I'm enjoying growing old in the city. Really, I'm not kidding...neighbor had cattle...the flies! You wouldn't believe!

Julie said...

Oh a station wagon ... nice & handy for collecting Large purchases from the Op Shop Sue :-) Oh thats right, you have your own trailer. Your sons comment reminded me of my youngest when he was learning to build "the boss has employed this really OLD guy today, he will be useless" ... Oh how old? I enquired ... 42!!!!!
The calves are just gorgeous ... that is until you have to get up early & feed them twice a day, 7 days a week!!!

pastcaring said...

The countryside in your neck of the woods is so pretty, and I can just see you as a cheery farmer's wife! Actually, my mum (who was a farmer's wife) always warned us off farmers - too much like hard work!
Sounds like you had a great day, Sue. xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Think how much shopping you'll be able to fit into that station wagon ... he obviously bought it with you in mind ;0)

Raewyn said...

Neat to see your farmyard adventures! The mighty Waikato is looking lovely :-)And yes, those eyes melt me every time! Good luck to your son with his new car.

Vix said...

Sue's farm is lovely, look at those cute baby animals.
I'm always squealing at cheep and cows when we're driving anywhere. xxxx

duchess_declutter said...

Visiting a farm is probably more fun and less work! Lovely photos.
Good & sensible car choice! cheers Wendy

Shawna McComber said...

What a beautiful farm; no wonder it gets you fantasising. I'm sure TOF wouldn't mind if you bought a red barn. The trailor purchase was successful, so now you should surprise everyone with a barn!

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