Monday, 18 August 2014

Living life in the slow lane

Yesterday TOF and I spent pretty much the entire day in the garden, mulching, cutting, racking, spreading, and basically having a general tidy up.

Lets hear a big hell yeah
for the little red trailer!!

The tree trunk and branches have been mulched or cut and stacked awaiting someone with a fire place to claim them.  TOF re arranged what he likes to call the 'Adventure Playground' for the girls.  They spent the day following us around the garden and scratching away in all the new mulch.  Last to bed was Cassie, little Miss Fluffy Bum.

I have two new to me BIG BLUE chairs!!
And my Tulips are getting ready to flower.

 Mmmmmmm colourful flowers!!

TOF and I dragged moved my tiered garden box to the back yard finally.  My plan is to turn it into a Salad and Herb garden as it is handy to the kitchen where we have put it.  Just need to go and get some dirt to fill it up and it will be all ready to be planted.

Bare faced and Plaits for Sunday Garden-a-thon!

So True!!

Today is my babies 19th Birthday, hard to believe my lads are not really lads but young men.  I still love them as much as I did when they were born.  They have made me cry at times but oh my god how they make me laugh!!

You give a 19 year old a survival kit, that's what you give them.  Socks, Jocks, smellies, car products and some booze!!  He was well made up with his box of goodies.

This morning was so lovely I decided to have a cuppa in the sunshine on the deck and read my book.  Except I didn't get to read my book or drink my drink because I had a slight ACCIDENT resulting in this!!


So I buggered off out to visit Sue in the country.

Max the great Rat Hunter on the hunt, as per my instructions.  New mother and son combo of the Sheep variety.  I think the mum should be called Elizabeth as her wool forms one of those Elizabethan type collars at her neck.

Clyde the eternal optimist in hope of someone playing throw and fetch, always at the ready with a stick.  Couple of the goat girls just chillin' in the paddock, Lock Ness of the Karakariki hanging out in the pond and Isabelle, Kara and Donald doing what cows do best, eating grass and doing huge poohs.

Life in the country was all happening at my pace, nice and slow thanks very much.  The view from Sues letterbox isn't too shabby is it.  I parked up like a townie when I saw the family of swans swanning about, with farmers going past with that 'yeah she's a townie alright' look on their faces.

On my way home I spotted these billboards that had been altered.  I suggest that the culprit should have spent money on food rather than paint!  My other suggestion would be to turn up to the up and coming Election and cast a Vote if not happy with the current governing power.  This sort of thing irks me!

Righty-o, back on track of enjoying the countryside.  I detoured and went past a fence line of Dafs, a paddock of Pigs, a paddock of Alpaca, and some of those cows with big horns.  All because I felt the urge to check in on the fowl at the Tatua Arboretum.

 Holy crap cakes Batman there are a lot of Roosters or are they Cocks?

 There were more...

 and more......

 and even more!

Such a huge variety of Roosters crowing about being Cocks while the girls watched on unimpressed.  The flock keeps growing and they are all so gorgeous.  How lovely is the big old sheep?

Because today felt like Spring, and looked like Spring with all the Daffodils out, I was searching for little lambs.  I finally came across two in a paddock with sheep and this spotty cow.  I really have the rural talk down pat.

By the time I got home it was time to bring in the sheets off the line, think seriously about what we would have for our dinner and contemplate baking.

SOD baking!
I went to the Supermarket and bought a cake
then added that personal touch
that only a Mother can do!


Leeanne said...

My eldest son turned 18 bout that! I gave him vouchers to the shop of his choice. Love the blue chairs, they could be friends with my red ones!
LOVE LOVE all the chooky photo's. NOT loving the graffiti bill boards, or anything vandalised!

Fiona said...

Weird to see a zantedeschia flowering alongside a daff, here they are a couple of months later.
Your chook snaps are fabulous.

Vix said...

Love the chicken photos and those dazzling blue chairs! x

Beth Waltz said...

Yes, indeed, a rousing "hell, yeah!" for the little red cart!

You've dazzled us with chooks today, Sue. Good heavens, look at them! Perhaps we could have a closer look at the textured combo you were wearing at its next outing?

What a good idea, that man-pack!

pastcaring said...

Happy birthday to Jak!
Love all the critters and the gorgeous blooms and countryside. xxx

Raewyn said...

Such a lot of gorgeous photos!! Love your new chairs, and sad about breaking a favourite mug. It's so good seeing signs of spring and new babies about the place. Hope your son enjoyed his birthday.

Helga said...

I'm not a fan of baking either, but bought cakes taste icky!!! The personal Mummy touch is lovely and makes up for that, however!
You virtuous critters, I DID do some garden prep a couple of weeks ago....but haven't gone near it since! Whoops! I am excited about growing veges again, though, so I better keep on it! Look at Miss NOSEY Fluffy Bum!

Julie said...

Gorgeous photos Sue ... Happy Birthday for yesterday to Jak !!!
I just knew that little red trailer would come in handy :-)
LOVE those blue chairs - will be great for the summer.

Goody said...

I'm sure that birthday cake will be remembered forever! So excellent! Happy Birthday Jak.

I've been eyeing a tiered planter at the garden centre for two seasons now. I'll be interested to hear how it works for you, and by the time my spring rolls around I'll know if it is worth it or not (I'll be eagerly awaiting your review). We have very limited space, so anything vertical would be a help. My herbs went nuts this year (seriously nuts)and I'm not sure what they would be capable of given a chance to cascade.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Happy Birthday Jak :0)