Saturday, 16 August 2014

Got the man toys out today!

One evening after work this week a bloke from TOFs work came round here with his Man tool.  His Chainsaw you filthy sniggering people!!  We had some things called Chinese Toons growing down the back that needed to be taken off at the ankles.

This is the end result of two men, one chainsaw, and one woman guiding the chopping with a lot of 'NO that is enough' as they wandered about revving the chainsaw.  

Man with Chainsaw is like lady with dye bath!

TOF replaced my assortment of branches with a couple of power pole sized trunks that make the garden edging.  He made some metal things to keep them in place, bet I still trip over them tho'.

TOF left this morning at Sparrows fart to go fishing with a workmate, so by the time I welcomed the day the sun was out and a good breeze was blowing.  So I filled the line with washing and got on with my day.

Note my superhero left his outfit behind
no super powers required for fishing
only bait!

Once I had done all the things that needed to be done, menial tasks they were too, I dragged out another Man Toy from the garage and cranked it into life.  Oh yeah a Mulcher!!!   I fed branches into it and it spat out lovely mulch all over the ground for me to gather up and pile into my wheelbarrow.  By the time I had finished, the wheelbarrow was very full, so I had to wheel it slowly to the Chicken coup as I didn't want it to tip over.  The girls have lots of fresh mulch in there run to scratch about in now.

Thanks Mum!!!

The fisherman came home rather disappointed without fish!

We will continue in the garden tomorrow.

If he can't hunt
I will get him to gather.
Like the lawn clippings because the lawn needs to be clipped!! 

Weather forecast is for more of the same lovely sunny,
but windy weather.

We should be able to fill the little red trailer
and take her to the dump again.

So glad I bought her,
and I bet TOF is too!!


Beth Waltz said...

Thanks, Sue, for that wonderful action shot of your clothes waving like flags in the brisk breeze -- ah! does anything smell better than line-dried laundry!

What is it about men and chain-saws? Darn right, they cannot be allowed to use them unsupervised!

Raewyn said...

Great things happenng in your garden! Such happy chooks. Love that photo of the clothes in the wind too!

pastcaring said...

There's a curious satisfaction in a sunny, windy day that gets your washing dry in double-quick time!
Oh men and their power tools - penis extensions, that's what they are! (Don't tell TOF I said so, he might get cross!)
Happy hens, hurray! xxx

Wee Wendy said...

Your chickens must be over the moon, how lucky are they? And I'm so jealous of your washing line... It's been raining non-stop for a fortnight here! x

peaches mcginty said...

Arg!! these summer holidays! I missing blog posts and everything! it's not fair! I've shooed everyone away so I can get online - and I get a massive man tool post!!! life is good! a mulcher must be very satisfying though- the girls must be thrilled with you and I love getting the washing out on a windy day, I hope TOF has more success next time he fishes x x x

Helga said...

O, feck, men and their tools!!! Our neighbour once came running at the sound of our little chainsaw, and we couldn't stop him from getting up in a tree with it. Fair enough, meant I didn't have to fret about G with the damned thing! I hate the noise of them!

Goody said...

The chicken coop is nicer than some places I've lived. Seriously. I love how the logs get recycled into a bed border in the garden. For a nuisance growth, it really is beautiful looking wood.

I've been blessed with a husband that doesn't know which end of a shovel to dig with. That's a compliment. We like to joke that we came to the marriage with his expensive Crusset pots and pans...and my power tools. I took shop in school because I was terrible at sewing (still am).

Angels have Red Hair said...

You're clearly a very useful gal to have around the place … hope TOF appreciates his good fortune :0)

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