Thursday, 14 August 2014

OK I give up, what season is it??

Like yesterday wasn't half as bad as today but at the moment we are getting four seasons in a day and it is confusing the plants and hard to dress for.  My garden thinks it is Spring, I am longing for Summer, but according to the weather  peeps, we are still in Winter!

 In the moments of sunshine I took photos yesterday.

 See, they all think it is Spring!!
All I need is some lambs in the back garden.

 I see Pink coming through!!

 Well Miss Daffodil, are you ready for your close ups?

As for today, there was no way I was going to put up an umbrella in the rain and the wind that was swirling around causing me bother!  Not too much bother tho' as I managed to dart across the road in the rain to the odd  Op shop on my way home from work.  I was prepared to get wet on my mission.

When it was cold I had one of my colourful boiled wool coats on top of this lot.  The hem of my dress got wet, thanks rain!  No really, thanks, bloody rain!  In fact it was drizzling when I took this photo.

Anyway, I found this fabulous old deck of cards in mint condition for $1.  I love playing cards, might challenge TOF to a few rounds of two handed five hundy!!

Then there was this gorgeous little haul.  The tray has folding legs and I am using right now for my laptop, it is perfect.  The bag has animal fur on the front and just needs a jolly good clean and it will be good to go.  Shit loads of pockets inside, perfect!  I fell in love with the green jug, it reminds me of Tony Sly Pottery, a local potter out at Raglan that makes amazing things but way out of my spending allowance.  This was $3 and will do me fine.  There was another one in the cabinet at Habitat for $20, I asked why, apparently they had priced this one wrong.  SHAME!!  Mine now, and it is going to look pretty fine with some of my flowers in it.

my hair is now long enough for up do's!!

Hopefully tomorrow we won't have any wind, or rain.


Leeanne said...

hey we are having that kinda weather too! Liking the 'updo' suit it.

Beth Waltz said...

Ah, you do wear the 'updo' well! Now, then, to collect some earrings...!

Is the new green jug now filled with your wonderful daffs? Flowers in the house are a luxury I wish I could manage!

pastcaring said...

Our weather is doing the four seasons in one day thing at the moment too!
Love the stripey rainbow dress, and the classy up do - get you, Mrs, going all sophisticated on us! xxx

Vix said...

Same here! Started the day in the rain, went out in a strappy dress and sandals, torrential rain and now its quite nippy - makes life interesting, I suppose. Your hair looks fab up! x

Goody said...

Oh goodness yes, the up-do is really nice on you. You have such great hair, no one would ever know you'd been out in the rain.

I laughed so uncontrollably at that cartoon. Our old neighbour's cattle would sometimes plot an escape, and I'd look out to see them all grazing on the front lawn, or the daylilies! If I had a closeline, it isn't too hard to imagine them pulling that down as well.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Hair up suits you … photos in the rain not so much … you look a little peeved … gorgeous but peeved ;0)