Friday, 15 August 2014

It's not all black and white

I had pink socks on!!

I woke up to a glorious SUNNY morning, finally extracted myself from bed and got up.  I sat in the sunshine on the deck enjoying a late breakfast with the pets for company.  With no firm plans I decided I would do my chores then have a think about what I might get up to for the day.

I had a phone call from Dawn asking if I wanted to go out to Raglan with her after lunch to deliver some of her art to a Gallery/Shop.  Why not!!  So I fed the girls and gathered the eggs and chilled outside.

I put my nose in my book while enjoying another lovely hot cup of tea.  Next thing I new Dawn was here and we were on our merry way to the coast.

Matapihi is in the main street of Raglan in the central business area of this thriving beach place.  Ok so today it was quite quiet, but I do love this place.  I could easily live out at Raglan.

 I always enjoy seeing her work displayed for sale.

 We both loved the driftwood outdoor chairs.

The most amazing chair was in the clothing/gallery out the back.
(the best hand made woolen coats and stunning colourful skirts are there!)
Of course we had to try it out as it was so very Throne like.

Matapihi is in an old house, so if you get out to Rags go in for a look.  You will recognise all Dawns work, and you will get to view all the other talented artists that sell there ware at Matapihi. The Square bowl got purchased by the lady working there today so that was a win win, mind you it was totally fabulous.

Wonder if this is still in use,
because what a perfect spot to live,
views of the water,
walk to town,
the list goes on.

We went to a lovely cafe with retro as couches that reminded me of my childhood, and we chilled out with a hot drink and a yummy brioche.  So cosy and warm inside, as it was blowing like a bugger outside.

We had a wander on the wharf and checked out the shops.  They were ALL open today so that was a huge plus.  The ocean today was quite green and looking very beautiful.  

Yes, I could live out at Raglan.

Inside Raglan Vintage and Retro they have a Tardis, so of course we went inside it and the lady turned on all the sound affects.  Who knew the Dr Who's Tardis is out at Raglan.  Also a very cool shop, so visit it if you get out that way.

Of course we did have a quick look in a few of the shops.  And I bought me another felted hat, while Dawn scored herself a wicked jacket. Glamour is the shop my sister manages at Whangamata, so always worth stopping in to see what they have in stock, all comes from Nepal.

I always enjoy the trip out to Raglan and back, whether I Drive or I am a passenger, it is such a lovely drive in rolling countryside.

Ploughed paddocks ready to be sown with crops. 
I like the patterns in the dirt.

Back home to enjoy the last part of the sunny day.  Love my new hat, love the colour.  TOF I arrived home and I went and lay down on our bed and woke up 4 hours later, must have been tired.  So he is going to bed and I have just got up!  I feel like a confused elderly person, all disorientated!!  

Guess I will be sitting up late reading my book,

Thanks for the memories today Dawn!!
Love ya for ever!


Poppy Q said...

Looks like a great day out Sue. Still blowing like crazy down here.

julie and Poppy Q

pastcaring said...

Raglan looks great. What a lovely day with your pal! xxx

Julie said...

Love the new felted hat Sue - you suit hats. We are alike you & I as I love the drive out to Raglan too & always think "yes I could live at
Raglan" ... just like you. My Mr likes it out there too. Have a great weekend, at least the sun is out again :-)

Goody said...

Even your hens lay colourful eggs!

It is starting to look like spring. I think I could live there too-looks like paradise to me.

Leeanne said...

Love the new hat too, I have a nice red one my hubby bought me, but it's too warm up north to wear it!
I see in one of your photo's of Raglan 'soul shoes', I bought a pair of their shoes about 14yrs ago, they are still going strong.
Did your leggings come with one black n white stripped leg & the other spotted, or did you make them like that?
Glad you got a cuppa after all!

Raewyn said...

Looks like a great day out, Raglan is a pretty special place. LOVE your new hat!!

Vix said...

Raglan looks fab. I love Dawn's creations, I could recognise them a mile off. What a lovely day out. xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

And that's how the vicious cycle of staying up late and sleeping in late begins … I fall under it's wicked spell regularly.