Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hello Sunshine, why so Blue!

Nothing beats waking up to a sunny morning, 
except a day that continues to stay sunny.
Spring is good.
I am so an in between seasons kinda gal!!

When I got home from work
Tex and I hung out together in the sunny
spots in the garden
with the flowers and the birds!

Perfect day to wear layers of Cobalt Blue
which I think is my
favourite colour at the moment.

 Worn with Orange and some multi coloured accessories.

 I love the colours in my jacket.
The fabric is also very soft and floaty
a silk blend according to the label.

I am so loving my Lavender.
I have a small hedge of it growing.
Mrs Wickham 

Yes Tex
I know you are still there
that you are bloody gorgeous!

I had a look in the op shops in Hamilton East
and found this beautiful sheet
piece of fabric, yes fabric
because I have stopped buying sheets
I found another delightfully
colourful necklace.

Then I met my two lovely cousins
Annette and Jan
at this cool pub called The Cook
where we had dinner
and a few drinks.
It is opposite a park with a boundary
of huge old trees.

Always good to catch up with my girls!

Good advice!


Beth Waltz said...

The cobalt blue suits you, Sue, but the newly acquired 'fabric' also has possibilities, especially paired with straw accessories. And a sun-baked cat.

Curtise said...

Oh yes, electric blue and orange are a fab combination.
Look at Tex's handsome face - and he knows he's gorgeous, doesn't he? xxx

Goody said...

You DO know how to dress between the seasons (I'm hopeless) and cobalt blue looks wonderful on you.

If silk-blend makes it washable, all the better. So floaty and cheerful looking too. Tex looks like he's been up to something...better watch that one!

peaches mcginty said...

That is one cool mother of a pub! it's gorgeous! Cobalt Blue is fabulous on you, but you are the Queen of Gorgeous Colour (and petticoats! you do have a lot of regal titles, we really should call you Queen Sue!) I love your close up, you gorgeous woman and the lavender (we tried growing it, the rabbits ate the seeds) and Tex is looking waaaay cool! and yep that is some good advice! x x x

Shawna McComber said...

The cobalt blue really suits you and you look very energised in it. I love the colourful circles on your silky jacket too. Your layers are all great! And Tex is very handsome and Mrs Wickham is lovely too. I like the sheet fabric very much. Such great pieces like that don't show up in the shops here. They remind me of my childhood so I'm sure I would snap them up if I saw them.

The pub looks great and I am quite envious1 Glad you had a good time. Spring is so lovely! Enjoy it and keep sharing those gorgeous photos with us!