Saturday, 27 September 2014

My life is not all Black and White...

...I have grey areas!!

Ok so I think I have thrashed the life out of colour one liners this week!

Friday is my most favourite day of the week
that starts with an F!

Before I headed out for the morning I selected some flowers from the garden and made a Tussie Mussie.  Not only do they look adorable they smell divine.  Fragrant flowers are the best, and my garden is full of fragrance.

I decided  on wearing Black and White today, with lots of spots, some stripes, and a dash of Orange.  The Arthritis collectors were out today and how convenient, the flower was Orange!!  Matchy matchy much! A worthy cause to support and as I have arthritis in my hands it made perfect sense to make a donation. I was heading to my friend Megan, to have morning tea and another catch up, but I got slightly side tracked at the Salvo store not far from her house.

A small selection of goodies was awaiting my purchase.

The teapot and mugs are Mexican and only $5 for the lot.  Such a cool shaped teapot and very hand made, and rustic.  A cupid key ring, a tiny Flamingo, rolls of braid, and the coolest wooden Indian pot stand.  Well I guess that is what it is, I don't really care, I just love the colours.

How true is the little heart sign I found for $2.

With a couple of hours pleasantly spent chatting and laughing with my friend I came home and mucked around outside in the garden, as I do.  

I had to cover my newly planted gardens with netting so I could let the girls out in the back yard.  They would have loved to get in amongst the salad garden,  but not on my watch!!

I constructed a delicious sandwich using vogels bread,
avocado, feta, lettuce, chicken, and piccalilli
for my lunch.

You should have heard the bitching from these two
when I took this photo!!
 I think this is called
Man Scaping!

I painted some grey shoes tonight,
you like the colour??

I haven't worn these for a while and felt they needed
some serious pimping.
They may well get an outing tomorrow as I am off to a Wedding,
just hope the weather is nice for the lovely couple.

It's after midnight here and I should call it a night.
These two are super comfortable!

***Happy Weekend***


Vix said...

Spots and stripes and orange accessories - just fabulous! Cheers for supporting an Arthritis charity, its close to my heart, too!
Those shoes look brilliant in pink.
Not sure if manscaping is the right word for what the boys are doing, round here it refers to body hair rather than head hair! xxxx

Connie said...

YOU, my dear SUE, are one of the Busiest Bees around. I am in Love with your leggings! In Love!! And the little yarn voo doo angel is crazy cute as are you and your boys. Oh you can have summer. I am over it! So nice to visit Suesville again. XXXOOO

Rose Bell said...

Love the black/white with the orange - word of mouth another Sue spotted this Sue parked outside Salvation Army store-can't hide from anyone.
Good shopping and love garden, Will join you next week after work for cuppa and garden visit-normal hours now.

Shawna McComber said...

OH Sue, you and your blog are such a delight and you always make me happy. I LOVE your black and white spots and stripes outfit and those well pimped shoes! Have a wonderful weekend!

Beth Waltz said...

I adore the polka-dot top with the orange posy, but I admire even more the 'mismatched' leggin's!

One can envision you, Sue, industriously netting the garden stand - and ten pairs of bright poultry eyes studying the situation. Very carefully.

Goody said...

Oh yes, getting haircuts in the kitchen-remember that well! That's some real trust-I wouldn't let my sister anywhere near my hair (even just to set rollers).

Is it difficult to paint shoes? I have a few pair I've been tempted to embellish with designs like flapper shoes, but I wasn't sure what to use, and if it would be waterproof, or removable if I goofed. I love the bright pink colour you chose. We need a tutorial (or I do anyway because I'm stoooopid).

Have a great weekend.

peaches mcginty said...

My eldest brother annihilated my younger brothers hair years ago, then he decided to trim/hack/destroy my cousins hair years later, thankfully he never went into hairdressing (he'd have been lynched) your boys are much more adept - I LOVE your outfit! it's blummin perfect! x x x