Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Just another Wednesday

I like Wednesday's, it is the middle of the week and  it means the week is half gone or the week has half to go, depends on your mood as to which you chose.  For me it always means half to go, one more day of paid work until four days off.  

I remembered after all my mouse antics
that I hadn't shared yesterdays little collection of finds.

The plate I was drawn to because of the colour, probably used for cakes but I think a salad sarnie (sandwich) will look perfect on it.  Two nice summery things to wear from my favourite $2.50 racks. Then of course the very divine feather quilt.  Mmmmmmmmm!!  The op shop had $50 on it!! Fuck off I thought, and entered into some light banter with the lady behind the counter.  She said the people that do the pricing 'have no idea' and she would have put $10 on it.  So seeing an opening I responded with 'would you take $10?' and she said 'sure'. DEAL!!  Trust me it is so nice and cosy to get under, in fact I am under it now, the quilt that is.

A certain small dog thinks it is perfect for sleeping on.

This afternoon was lovely.
There are trillions of happy birds in my garden.


After three blocks of rat bait
these bastards are still
Either that or there is a shit load of them
living down the back.

Yeah good on ya Tex for coming down the back
but it is time for another plan of attack!!

I bought two of them.
With rat traps all set,
the rest of us just went about our business.

Oprah and Aretha were spending time with Lily, Tex was rolling around in the sunshine, and Autumn is clucky so was keeping everyone's eggs warm.

The plum tree is looking promising, the lemon tree is still covered in fruit, and when these buds grow up they are going to be blackberries!!

 Spring is the BEST!

We all had a siesta.

Sure did!

My entire outfit today was second hand.
Do I look like a Cat-cha-rat
kinda person?



Beth Waltz said...

Do like that siesta montage, Sue! It's inspiring! (And I'd love to snooze on a feather-filled comforter. Haven't found one yet.)

Curtise said...

Love that eiderdown, what a beauty - the squashed rat, not so much...
As always the critters (the live ones!) look fab, and I love the siesta collage! xxx

Goody said...

Those are the good kind of traps-you don't have to worry about snapping your fingers, and you can just hold the thing over the trash and plop the dead rat in without touching it.
(I can't believe I'm typing these words)

Beautiful feather blanket. I had one years ago, and had forgotten how much I liked it. I'm not surprised a certain little doggie has found it to his liking ;)

You do NOT look like a rat catcher! You look stylish, and colourful, and ready to be rid of those mischief makers.

peaches mcginty said...

I say that too! 'fuck that, I'm not paying that' ha! I love you got the feather quilt for $10! it's absolutely gorgeous! great goodies too, I like the posh plate, we would put butties (scouse sandwiches) on it - oh the grimness of the rats, glad you got some cat-cha-rat, very successful and you are gorgeous!!! x x x

Raewyn said...

Great score with the feather duvet!! You look like one dastardly Cat-cha-rat person!! One down, how many more to go...?!

Leeanne said...

Oh my hand is up for the plate and feather duvet! God great score! Ok Mr and Mrs Rat you are not welcome!

Vix said...

Must be the season for finding cheap quilts in the chazzas. They're so cosy, aren't they?
The napping collage is too cute. The poor rat, not so. xxxxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

As I read your post … and scrolled slowly down the page … I was thinking "don't show the dead rat … don't show the dead rat" … LOLOLOL