Monday, 8 September 2014

Pretty dam cute but no thanks!!

This morning when I went to feed the girls there daily quota of chicken food that they seem to share with every sparrow in the neighborhood I was greeted by a bit of a surprise.  Well maybe not a surprise as I did have my suspicions that something else was helping itself to the chicken food.

See isn't it cute!!!!!

The problem was.............. wasn't just ONE!!

Still cute, but two means there is bound to be more,
and they do tend to get it on quite often
so two becomes out of control pretty fast!!

I found Tex and assigned him the job of Rodent Control Officer, thinking he will be the man for the job.  He sniffed about for a while, wandered about, rubbed up against things, got a little vocal, then basically called it a day.  Exhausted he retired to the deck in the sunshine.  Cheers Tex you were a star!

And I saw another one.
How many are there?
Time to implement plan two and bring in the double act!!

Epic fail.
Oscar vocalised his disgust,
then retreated to my feet.
Sheba was more interested in her ball,
so this meant
I had to deal with them.

This meant only one thing,

 To take my mind of the fact
that I was in the middle of murdering mice
I took to the garden with my camera.

I love my garden
and I am more than happy to share it
with the wild life,
But I don't love rodents.

 Have you all forgotten about the mice I have just poisoned?

Ok more lovely flower photos!!

Make a wish!
Mine was that they all just fell asleep
and went to mouse heaven.


peaches mcginty said...

OhmyGod!!!!! I'm a wuss! they are HUGE!! I thought they were rats! no wonder Tex decided to take a breather, you have to get rid of them outdoor rodents (inside ones are pets aren't they?)and of course they are in mouse heaven! x x x

Beth Waltz said...

Poor you, Sue! Also, poor me. Fall is falling here in the Midwest and that means the mice are on the move -- inside, where they are not welcome. And THAT means the slaughter must begin inside my home as my feline family gears up for a hunting season they all appear to relish. (Perhaps Tex will take a more energetic defensive posture if they venture inside...)

Poppy Q said...

Ohh ohh, that looks like a real big mousie party at your place. Poppy would be happy hunting them down, a pity Tex isn't interested.

Vix said...

You're right, they are pretty damned cute although I wouldn't want them in the house as the smell of mice (and the damage they do) is rank.
Jon rescued a little field mouse from the jaws of Stephen Squirrel the other day only for it to run up his trouser leg which I found hilarious. xxxx

Vix said...
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Leeanne said...

Mmmmm not so nice those pests! Seems you are feeding your Tex and the dogs too well! Glad you finished the post with lovely flowers from your garden, I like happy endings.

All Made Up said...

They're adorable! I love mice and used to have a little champagne one as a pet but I don't fancy a bunch of them roaming free in my house or anything! Hopefully they gorged themselves on chicken food and died quickly with a full stomach :)

Helga said...

Ah, I need to ship my Peepers up, she's the Demon Mouse Killer Extraordinaire!
Boy cats are hopeless when it comes to mice.Girls are usually way more into the hunting and killing of them. Peepers caught one a week for 6 weeks at the beginning of Winter!

Goody said...

I once had a mouse fly out of a kitchen cabinet, bounce off my head, and run for the door. I DO NOT miss the farm. AT ALL.

Once, kiddo was maybe three, I noticed some shredded paper behind the washing machine and told Danny we'd set some traps. A bit later, I hear noise in the laundry room and find him whispering behind the machine, "You have to GO! Mama bought TRAPS!"

Show those things no mercy, and don't let them try twitching their little whiskers to soften your heart.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Ugh … I HATE mice!!
Buster … who is supposedly a ratter … did find one outside once and then helpfully brought it inside … cause he's good like that. The thought of him … running around the house … with the mouse in his mouth … and just the tail hanging out makes me gag!!
The problem with poison is that you don't know if/when you've had success. Mouse traps give you a guaranteed result ;0P

Raewyn said...

Please tell me what camera you use!!! Your photos are always so awesome and I cant believe what great shots you got of those (hopefully now dead) pests!!! I had a Mr Rattus in the chookhouse recently that I had to deal to with the green stuff as well. I cant stand anything rodentlike!!