Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tickled Pink but never Green with envy!

Yesterday after work I did my usual call in to a couple of my favourite op shops in town.

In the Hospice Shop I found this gorgeous hand painted wooden egg, all the way from Poland.  I love hand painted things and this is really beautiful.  The monkeys I suspect are Ivory, quite small and quite delicate.  Who doesn't love the monkeys and their wisdom, Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil!  The wooden mask is actually a key ring but I am planning on it being used in a necklace of joyous colour that I am going to make.

With Summer inching closer to us by the day, lots of delightfully summery clothes are starting to make their way into the oppies.  These two I got from the Salvo in town and the gorgeous length of braid came from the Red Cross shop.  I got a couple of books that were written for teenage girls to read, and yes I know I am no longer a teenage, but every adult woman has a teenage girl still inside her somewhere, even if only in her mind.  I am reading the first in the series at the moment called "Angus, thongs and full frontal snogging", and it's quite entertaining.  All the titles are pretty classic, like "It's ok, I'm wearing really big knickers".  Nothing like some light hearted entertaining reading when I have just finished a 1000+ pages book!!

It would be safe to say I was pretty much tickled Pink with my finds of the day.  Oh look I match the flowers!!  Hurrah!!  And I must have pruned my Rose correctly (thanks Julie for your pruning advise) because it is flourishing.

Remember how TOF had his water blaster out on the weekend, well huge thumbs up to him because the concrete between the house and the garage where my pots of colour live is looking mighty fine indeed.

I think TOF deserves a wee round of applause
feel free to join in!!

Summer Frocks.
$5 each from various places today.

I love this Green jacket, some people may be Green with envy over it as it truely is gorgeous.    Funny how colours are associated with emotions, I think of Green as how you feel when you are sick!  I don't do envy, such a waste of emotion, likewise is jealousy.

My take on What colours equal:

Red  = love, lust, danger;  Black = death, darkness or just plain slimming; Yellow = happy; Purple = passion; White = pureness and light but not for me, white is a magnet for stains; Lilac and Pale Pink = calmness; Green = envy, freshness, but if you look green you are most likely about to puke.

You all by now know how I LOVE COLOUR, bold and bright, or pastel, but colour it must be, and all the colours of the rainbow at once if I can.  Throw in some spots and I am ridiculously happy.


Fiona said...

Hope you managed to avoid puking in that last photo and I did wonder what you were trying to tell us in that applauding snap...before I read further! Great finds as usual Sue, loving that ribbon trim and your rose is a picture of health.

Curtise said...

Pretty in pink, Sue - and gorgeous in green! Love the frocks, and that little painted wooden egg is so sweet. xxx

Vix said...

Colour makes the world go round! xxx

Helga said...

I do love a good burst of zingy pink, you look fab in pink, and you look fab with your fancy wavy hair!
I hate puking, it makes me cry for my Mama! I try not to get drunk enough for that, and I am lucky I don't tend to get vomity bugs, just the other end bugs.
Yeah, colour rocks-you're preaching to the converted! XXX

Julie said...

A great post Sue ... love all your new summery dresses. Today the weather is just gorgeous over here & I have been gardening like a madwoman !!! Your rose is look pretty healthy & happy to me & yes, big clap for Tof for that waterblasting he did ... looks fab. Could I borrow him perhaps . . . ??

Beth Waltz said...

Oh, I do envy you those pretty floral frocks! Here in the Midwest, it's time to sort out the woolies.

The rose bush definitely appears to be thriving. We'll look forward to roses around Christmas!