Wednesday, 3 September 2014

When you're happy and you know it.......

...dress in the colours of your garden!!

Just look at those gorgeous colours.
Pretty sure those colours are in my wardrobe.

I am happy because I am
nearly BUG FREE!
Just a bastard niggley cough
like a hearty smokers cough to be exact.

Work has been pretty busy the last two days, but today I  finished all the end of month stuff, so I treated myself to some time in the op shops before I went home.  This little lot came from Hospice, brand new beaded sandals only $5, the cutest little Carlton Ware jug $8 and spotty head scarf $2 (hair clip under the flower).

I love old small jugs that small bunches of flowers from the garden can go in.  This sweet little jug my dear old Nana gave to me years ago and it was perfect for the small head of Daffodils that had been broken off and was lying on the ground.  SHEBA!!!!

St Vinnies provided me with these three things.  I love old enamel dishes for cooking in rather than that non stick stuff that is available.  The bright table runner is really long and is destined for the sewing room. Oh yeah and another sheet, BUT it's gingham!

Me and the girls spent some time hanging out in the garden together this afternoon when I got home.  Jak took the photo of me and the girls in between all the other things he was up to.

 Like proving blokes can multi task
even with a cast.

And he baked biscuits for us all.
(he is so bored not being at work)

The Freesias and Tulips are starting
to pop out of their buds
exploding into glorious colourful flowers for me.

Sheba decided lying on the new plants was perfect until I told her to shift herself.  Oscar was impersonating a Spring lamb for me by eating grass, either that or he had a tummy ache.  Then Tex strolled down the back to join me where I was sitting on the garden swing but he decided to go under the sea, dig a hole and have a pee. EXCELLENT!  Sharing is caring I guess.

Oh yeah, look at those gorgeous colourful flowers!!

Apart from flowers this is what I think of when I think of Spring.
(No lambs in my garden so thanks Google images!!)

This is the result of a tall person taking a photo of a short person!

I actually think I might do this!
(again thanks Google images)


Misfits Vintage said...

GORGEOUS pics Sue! You look beautiful - love your colour combo. Wish we would get some Springy weather here - it's still freezing :(

Sarah xxx

peaches mcginty said...

Blooming Heck! that's a doozie of a cold! I scrolled through your posts, glad you're on the tail end of it though! poor Jak too (I've missed so much) I hope TOF is recovering from Man-flu (I hear it's much wore than normal flu) and has had a few whiskey toddies, best thing for it! you are looking gorgeous (of course! you always do!) and I have dribbled a bit over your luscious outfit and goodies (....from the op-shop, that is)whatya gonna do with the gingham?? x x x

duchess_declutter said...

Love the photos (how long does it take you to load all those photos on?) with the gorgeous spring colours. Love the one with your 'girls' and the multi-tasking son. I have one of those too. Glad you are done with the flu. cheers Wendy

Beth Waltz said...

Your grandmother's little green jug is worthy of orchids -- but Sheba's spray of daffs works well.

Your montage of buds and blooms reminds one of a famous tapestry in The Cloisters (a NYC museum). How fortunate you are to have freesia -- and be able to smell it, now that the bugs are departed.

Ah, er, a personal question: what IS that fuzzy chicken? She's plump and pretty, and everything a chicken should be. But what IS she?!

Vix said...

I love an old jug especially when its filled with flowers picked from the garden!
The colours in your outfit are fab and I do love the chickens. xxx

Vix said...
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Raewyn said...

Gawjus!! Love your garden-matching outfit! And the daffodils in your Nana's jug make for another beautiful photo.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I'm at that hoiking up stage now! ;-)
Noice innit! lol Good finds there, garden super colourful x

Serenata said...

The herald of your spring means the dreaded UK winter is approaching which doesn't bring me cheer....but still at least I can enjoy your photos. Love those colours, and yes dress like your garden!

Glad you are starting to feel better.

Leeanne said...

You blend in so well mrs spring! Lots of colour in your garden, our has been bashed and battered by wind and rain. Love the wee jug.

Julie said...

Oh your garden is looking so gorgeous & colourful Sue. I am pleased you co-ordinate with it in your dress sense !!! Just lovely. I adore both your jugs & yes, I too love small bunches of flowers in small jugs. Tell Jak he can come to my house anytime & bake biscuits.

Goody said...

With the risk of sounding like a sixteen year old boy, "You have such nice jugs."

You match your garden beautifully, and might even make the flowers a bit jealous in that beautiful outfit.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love that colour combination ... it's a perfect welcome to spring ensemble :0)

Curtise said...

Ha, nice jugs, Sue!
I love dressing to match the garden, love your flower photos, and you have a boy who bakes cookies? How the hell did you manage that?! Xxx

Shawna McComber said...

Sue your blog is just such a feast of images for me! I always enjoy it so much! Your flowers are stunning and I am quite envious. Spring is just the best time in the garden. I love freesias but we can't grow them here unless in a hothouse. The colours of all the flowers and of you and the girls are fabulous as are your marvellous jugs! LOL-I love jugs too. I used to have bigger collection but I did pare it down. Short people taking pictures of people who are tall is also quite problematic. An upward angle is widening.

Love your shoes-they are Riekers aren't they? They are nearly identical to my red ones which I love. I could jog in them if I were actually into jogging.