Monday, 1 September 2014

Think of a cold as the gift that keeps on giving.

It would appear that by sticking to my plan I came up with on Friday of staying indoors under a blanket for the entire weekend, has resulted in me getting BETTER!!!!  Which is great news for me but now TOF is off work feeling poorly but off course his is much worse as his is the dreaded Man Flu.  And any female reading this will instantly be aware of the severity of said illness in a man. But worse than that, I have infected my dear friend SUE!!  Sorrrrrrrrrry love!!  When I think about it tho, neither of them can ever say I don't give them anything, can they?

I only ventured off our property only once over the entire weekend and that was yesterday late afternoon to go and collect the rest of the plants from the lady I got piles from last Monday.  Of course me being me I planted them when I got home and then started digging out other things in the garden and moving them around.  Last night it rained and it has continued to do so all day today, which was excellent for my garden, and that was about all.  So today pretty much turned into another indoor under the blanket watching another movie sort of day.  With work looming for me tomorrow and a busy day of accounts, I am ever grateful that I did stay put and managed to beat the head cold.

I did venture outdoors to feed the girls and found sparrows still going about their business in the rain, looking for food and I think things to start building nests.  After all today is officially the first day of Spring in our part of the world. 

The rain does make everything look shiny and clean in the garden, the colours certainly stood our in the greyness of the day.

I'm off now to look after TOF.

I don't want to be re-infected!



Leeanne said...

Well you were generous! The garden is looking the way I laugh at myself often!

Poppy Q said...

Glad you are feeling better, it sure is a bugger of a flu this one.

Hope you all feel better soon.

julie Q

Vix said...

How sweet of you to share! Lovely garden pictures, love that first picture, very exotic. xxx

Curtise said...

Ha, what are wives and friends for, if not to share?!
Good to know you are feeling better, sorry about TOF's Man Flu though... Love the plants! xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

You truly are a friend indeed :D Must have a been a real viralant strain cos we didn't even do tongues did we! The plants look great, good score there luv.

Raewyn said...

How kind of you to share; man flu is just the worse thing :-) You really do have green thumbs, your garden is looking Great!

Beth Waltz said...

What wonderfully exotic plants you've acquired! Succulents seem to love New Zealand, especially your patch of it.

Man flu is dreadful. How fortunate TOF is snug at home now, where he can get well in comfort. Nothing worse than being ill away from home!

Helga said...

O, kerist, not the dreaed MAN FLU?!
Call the ambulance! It's an EMERGENCY!
Hahahahaaaaaaaa. We've done well to avoid that this year, thank feck.
Bring on some warmer weather!

Julie said...

Glad to read you are feeling much better Sue. Yep, we know all about the manflu in this house !!!!! That little hellebore in your photo is a gorgeous colour. Love the little verses you always post, they are so appropriate.

Goody said...

Oh yes, the Manflu-amazing isn't it?

Your garden is going to be incredible this year. I am looking forward to watching it grow through what will be our winter to serve as an inspiration, and reminder that eventually, beneath all the snow, there's a spring.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh yes .. I'm well familiar with man flu in these parts … it's specially enjoyable when all three of them have man flu at the same time.