Saturday, 25 October 2014

And this is exactly why I do not plan!

Due to the wind being far too windy, TOF and Max did not get to go out on the fishing charter, it was cancelled, and they were not pleased.  So my home alone do what ever the hell I want day went tits up first thing this morning!  Never mind, I spent time with the lads instead.  As in Max and I went out to our local shopping centre (The Base) for him to sort some banking stuff, so I went and got vacuum cleaner bags for Jak so he can clean our house!  He gets a reduced rate in his board if he does the housework while he is off work, and it is working good with me, I bloody hate housework!! 

While out we had morning tea outside in the sunshine at a lovely cafe, bit of mother/son bonding and my treat!!  I also bought Sheba a NEW BALL, and she is so stoked.  Not that the old ball will be relegated to the dump or anything silly like that, she still has that in her gob while playing with the new one.

I scored this spotty bangle for $3 in a shop called Sunnies, bit like a dollar shop but bigger and  better.  I found the best medicine ever that I just had to buy, and I know exactly who will be the lucky recipient of  each package. Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!

 So many candidates for this one!!

 TOF has a birthday in December!
He suffers from this a lot, he is 4 years older than me after all!

I know so many woman that suffer from this ailment
so this will easily find a deserving home.

There was a huge stand covered in hilarious medicine like these, I laughed so much, and at $4 each they will make excellent piss taking presents for friends.  Lets face it, as we get older it doesn't pay to take life too seriously anymore, and we all know laughter is the very best medicine.

TOF and I went off to a garden centre to buy vegetable plants for the garden.  I got horribly side tracked by these lovely willow climbing frames that just happened to be on SPECIAL, 30% off, so what is a girl to do right?  Yes, BUY a couple.  I have placed them either side of the swing seat where the creepers have been planted, so now they can climb up the frames and then over the top of the swing seat. 

 Pretty bloody fabulous!! 

See, I do not tell a lie, they look fabulous don't they??!! And we did get the plants we went for as well, Honey and Pearl Sweet Corn, Sugar Snap Peas, and a selection of Capsicums, which we planted this evening along with the Tomatoes and Sunflowers from Sue W.

I am hooked on my cafe style lunch that I can make at home, Ciabatta  toasted with Avocado, tomato, Feta and cracked pepper, with a nice hot drink of  Mocconna Mochaccino.  


This afternoon we got a phone call from our lovely elderly neighbors across the road who thought they had one of our chickens in their back yard.  I went out to our back garden and did a quick head count and discovered that all our girls were indeed home.  TOF said go get it!!  So off I toddled across the road.  I explained that it wasn't ours but I was more than happy to rescue her and re home her with our girls.  As with all good chicken whisperers, I asked for a scrap of bread to lure the chicken out, we all know most animals are food driven.  So welcome Mrs Potts, but you can call her Joan.  Named after our lovely neighbor from across the road.  Another Red shaver to add to the flock, this makes eleven but lets not tell anyone!! She seemed to settle in well, but then again, why wouldn't she, we do have a rather nice back yard to live in if you are a runaway chicken!!  She is the third to do this.

Obviously you now know the  answer to that age old question:
Why did the chicken crossed the road?

To get to our place!!!!!

And just in case you were wondering,
yes I did wear the necklace I made last night!!

Happy weekend everybody!!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

You've been to Oderings haven't you!! ;-D I was admiring those the other day. Love the pills :D

Leeanne said...

The happy Chicken adoption farm is what you could call your place!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Word is definitely out in the chicken community … your place is THE place to be seen!!!
I'm glad we've finally solved the issue as to why those chickens keep crossing roads … it's been keeping me awake for a very long time now :0)

Curtise said...

Love those willow stands, your lunch looks delicious, and welcome to Joan, hope she settles in well to Chicken Acres! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Ah, Sue, after a quick look at my morning briefing it was a delight to check in with you for the best news of the day: a NEW BALL for Sheba! a NEW CHOOK for the henhouse! NEW TOWERS for the swing set! and, not least, a NEW BANGLE with POLKA DOTS for you!

Joan looks to be a very young Rhode Island Red. Welcome to Chicken Acres!

Shawna McComber said...

I'd cross the road to get to your place and I am not even a chicken! I just want to hang out in all the awesomeness. Are your hens layers or is it just their job to walk about being awesome?
Sheba, what a sweetie. Of course she needs a flat ball and a fresh new ball!
Your garden swing and willow trellises are going to look amazing covered in plants. Can't wait to see it!

Connie said...

You always crack me up. And let me tell you - it is a lucky lucky chicken that gets to call your place home!

Goody said...

I could live quite happily in your yard, so who's to blame the chickens adopting you?