Monday, 27 October 2014

What do you do on a lazy Sunday on a long weekend.

Well round here we did as little as possible!!

The weather was decidedly shite so I skulked about in my jimmies for longer than normal, finally getting dressed and devouring my bacon and eggs that TOF had cooked.  Seems Mrs Potts has settled in perfectly but she seems to think she is a house chicken.  I had to escort her outdoors numerous times!

I even enlisted TOFs help as bouncer to stop her from entering the house!!  But she is one sneaky bird is our Joan, and Jak found her in the middle of his bed at one stage of the day.  I do like a pet with personality so she is a keeper.

It also turns out that she is a bit of a lap chicken!
At one point she was so comfortable in my ample lap
that she nodded off.

As for the rest of my flock, they like to chill out under the lemon tree. 

Thought you might like to see Sheba in action with her new ball and understand the importance of the old ball.  That is Jak playing with her who has since jokingly bitched about him being visible. I was not aware he had any exclusive magazine/television deals on the table!!

Late afternoon TOF and I decided we needed to go out.  We were searching for a train we could here whistling, but it was long gone so Lake Rotoroa or Hamilton Lake was where we ended up.

This mother duck was having a mission 
trying to get all her little ducklings in a row.  

Speaking of that one of Max's flat mates has a room full of duck decoys that I lined up like skittles on his bedroom floor the other day.  Looked hilarious, and Tom thought it was Max, but did laugh at my suggestion of Duck Skittles!!  Game on I say!!

Meanwhile back at the lake the sky was brewing, a lone sailor was sailing, and plenty of people were enjoying lakeside.  Waikato Hospital is the big white building in the photo on the right.  Fabulous views from there if you get a room that side of the hospital.

I talked TOF into wandering along the boardwalk into the native bush, not to have my wicked way with him but so he could see what it was like.  It is truly lovely there.  Not sure what the rich folk that back onto said walkway think as you can peer into their back yards now. 
Boo fricken Hoo!!

There is a good selection of native birds that reside at the lake, all going about their business like we were not there.  The huge white building in the photo is a home!  Ex mayor and his wife live there, not my cup of tea, too big, too white, too new, and imagine cleaning the sucker, not to mention the cost of running it. Each to their own I say and lucky we are all different too!!

 Someones cute little orange and white dinghy 
was bobbing about on the water.

I really could have done with my zoom as the water lilies looked lovely.  I have never walked around the entire lake, lazy like that, but maybe if TOF and I harnessed the dogs we could do it.  I shall work on him and hopefully we will do it one day, we have plenty of time, the walk way ain't going anywhere.

After all, he is very forthcoming on the selfies now!! 

We didn't wander for long because back waiting in the Man Car were the dogs.  By the time we got back it looked like Sheba was the driver.  Funny how dogs love to get up front and pretend they are the drivers when you leave them in the car.  Oscar loves the Man Car because he can see out the windows without having to be perched on my lap.

We came home to cook our diner and feed Sexy Texy as by 5pm he is in starvation mode.  He is such a funny loveable old boy is our Tex, he has a huge personality that cat.

Max came round for dinner much to the joy of Sheba!
She thinks she is a lap dog.

Today is not the most pleasant day weather wise, one of those indoor kinda days.  TOF is making scones for lunch, Jak is watching Cricket on the TV (that has just been rained off for a moment as it is being played in Hamilton) and I of course are blogging!!  TOF and I may go for a drive out to Raglan later on this afternoon and catch up with some friends of ours, apart from that, the long weekend has been very RELAXING, as it should be.


Goody said...

The mental image of your dogs hitched to a sled with you and TOF yelling, "Mush!" is too great.

That is one smart chicken making sure she never becomes a stewing hen (once they sit in your lap, you have a pet not poultry ;)

Connie said...

It looks as though everyone and everything that enters your house ends up on someone's lap. How fabulous is that?!!!!

Leeanne said...

Loving the LAP HEN!

Beth Waltz said...

Please give 'ol Tex a head skritch for me. (Starvation mode, indeed!)

Joan is a lovely, loving addition to your flock, Sue. Good luck on keeping her outside! We enjoyed the company of a hen like her when I was a kid. Rosie followed my father around his shop all day: the challenge was to keep her from stowing away in his truck cab.

Vix said...

Your animals are such fusspots, even the hen. That's crazy but cute! xxx

peaches mcginty said...

Joan is a fiesty one! and beautiful too, I love a pet with personality! I loved watching Sheba, playing 2 balls is a skill - I do like how the Mister's are getting used to the Selfie though, even Dave is doing the occasional photo-bomb/getting involved, then wants to approve/disapprove haha! x x x I'm glad you had an awesome relaxing weekend x x x