Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Got that middle of the week feeling!!

This weekend is a long weekend in New Zealand, Labor weekend to be exact, a three dayer, we all get Monday off work.  Hang on a minute, I don't work Monday! BUT because I did this week I get tomorrow off, so my normally long weekend is going to be even longer, and I will be paid to take Monday off because it is a public holiday. YUS!!!

Looks like some bugs have been eating TOFs first Strawberry!!!

I stayed home this afternoon
much to the delight of my furry friends.

Dear old Tex made his way across the garden
to meet me on the garden swing seat.

He is the most beautiful big old boy ever!!
We all love him to bits
in this house.

When I went inside
I was followed.

Life can be quite exhausting
when you are
a small white dog!

I didn't visit one second hand shop at all today.
Saving myself up for tomorrow.

Black and white was worn today.
Seemed only right that the red necklace got worn.

Thanks for all your lovely comments you leave me.
Nice to know peeps are reading
my ramblings!

TOF and I did the grocery shopping tonight.
We call it Date Night!!



Vix said...

A smasher of a monochrome outfit and some gorgeous pet photos, too.
We've still got strawberries growing, weird for a UK October! xxx

Curtise said...

Oh that red necklace looks so fabulous against the black and white outfit!
Look at your beautiful pets - I have a major soft spot for darling Tex. xxx

Helga said...

O TEX! Phwoar!! He is sex on 4 legs!
I'm VERY excited about a long weekend!!! Bring it on, and may it seems like weeks!

Goody said...

Love the trim on the trousers. Actually, I adore the entire outfit-especially the woman wearing it!

I love coming over here to soak up all the positive energy. Have a great holiday weekend.

Leeanne said...

L*O*V*E the advice of your toothless friend! Spread the joy! Your furry friends are sweetly nutty like you!

Beth Waltz said...

The red necklace is absolutely on target for that ensemble, Sue. It pops like a firecracker!

I can hear ol' Tex rumbling a purrr all the way over here. I can also hear TOF grumbling about his precious first strawberry. :)

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love the hairy members of your family ... oh and the others too ... of course ;0)

peaches mcginty said...

Aahhhhh! *contented breath* love it all!! have a brilliant super long break, Tex is looking fabulous! love the pose! all your furries are master posers actually, clearly gifted pets! love your outfit, and with added pom-poms too, kind of like visual chocolate, gorgeous! and yes you are fabulous, always! x x x