Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I think it's called a 'Butterfly Top'

I have changed my days of work this week and it is confusing the hell out of me!  This week it is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, because of tax things and accounts.  I also found out yesterday that I more than likely will be out of a job at this place I love working at by the end of this year, as the young woman who was on maternity leave is bored with being a mother and ready to return to her job.  I get the feeling the lads are hoping she will change her mind as the hours are no longer full time for her.  I say what will be will be and I leave it at that.  If things work out for me I will get to stay, failing that I think I might give temping a nudge next year.

Anyway, on my way home yesterday I called in on the two Vinnies shops in Frankton and came home with these things.  I do like old french knitting looms, especially when wooden and colourful.  I spent the afternoon in my back yard on my garden swing seat in the shade of my big Idesia tree.  I was not alone, I had the very lovely company of my dearest friend Louise who was down from Auckland visiting her mother.  I am her escape plan, and we swung and chatted in the dappled sunshine with the girls, Tex and the dogs.  

What could be better than chilling out
with an old friend and my pets in my garden.

Today en route from work to home I stopped in at the Hospice shop in town, my favourite place.  The gorgeous little bag and the embroidered napkins caught my eye  attention.   My plan this week is to only spend cash in op shops if I have some in my purse.

I noticed today that my tyre garden is home to flowering carnations at the moment.  My Fuchsia is flowering and so to is my Bird of Paradise.  

Oh how I love all this new colour!!

But the thing that warmed my heart the most is my Sweet Peas!!  This year I sowed them early and they are starting to flower with the promise of abundance.  I save the seeds from these every year, and my original seeds came from my cousin Annette s garden.

Now lets take a look at the Butterfly Top.

Such a simple idea,
and something I intend to whip up a few more of,
maybe even longer?

There are arm holes in the seam half way up so for a cooler style you can pop your arms out.  Trust me it is super duper comfy.

Not really floating like a Butterfly, maybe spinning out of control like one on it's last legs?!  Which gets me to thinking how I need to get swan plants this year to help the Monarch Butterfly continue to flourish.  I think you get the idea on the top tho'.  When I make one I might have a go at a blogging tutorial for those interested in whipping themselves one up.

This afternoon, well early evening actually, I dragged out some of my beads as I had some ideas.  The necklace on the left came about because of the white Buddha I had, so it is multi coloured.  The red one needed to be re threaded, but because I had lost half of the original beads when it broke I made it differently. The last one is nice and plain so my new Silver and bone face pendant is the feature.  Pretty tickled with how they all turned out.  

Which shall I wear tomorrow??

Before I go:

The Tui is getting closer, but still not close enough for a good photo.  I am enjoying the daily tunes that the Tui is providing.  Hopefully it might take up residence in our garden instead of the school.


Fiona said...

Great op shop finds Sue, loving the bag, folksy scarf and french knitting thingy. Your garden is so colourful.... Strelizia and sweet peas, two of my faves. Hope the job pans out like you're hoping for. Fingers crossed. Fab butterfly top, altho don't get too near any naked flames!

Krista Gassib said...

Why yes there is nothing better than hanging in the sunshine with dear friends and critters! I do hope you get to stay on where you are, but if not have no doubt there is an even cooler shop out ther that needs you. Great work on the top, I love those, it looks beautiful!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Bored with being a mother??? Already??? Let's hope she decides to stick it out a little longer ... or alternatively perhaps you can have a little career change and offer to be her nanny ;0)

Helga said...

The butterfly top is super pretty! The simplest things are often the best! It's quite kimono like, actually.
Don't make me pick just one necklace. It's cruel. Wear them all, dammit! I love all 3.
Indeed, what will be, will be. That's hilarious that the lass is bored with being a Mama!!! Ha, it's hard work, not all sugar and apple pie like they seem to think. "O, babies are so cute....!!"
Yes, they are, but they are a full time JOB! I could never do it, hats off to those of you who do!
I think that's called a butterfly top too? Love that scarf!

Leeanne said...

You look like you could fly away in the pretty top! See you soon!

Goody said...

Ha, I can see being bored with a baby (all they do is eat, sleep and poop). They get more interesting once they can talk, and do chores for you ;)
Anyway, I hope it works out for you. I'm taking notes on that top-it is just the sort of thing I'm looking to make.

Can you believe I have the same Pennsylvania Dutch tea towel? Great minds shop-alike too!

You want the Tui closer? *Shudder* Look at the size of that thing! I don't think the chickens will put up with that.

Beth Waltz said...

The floral float is as pretty on you as it was on display, and the new bone portrait pendant is a lovely thing on its string of beads!

I'd have snapped up that little leather bag, too. In recent weeks I've scored several very nice leather bags -- then found shoes that pair with them at different shops. What's meant to be, will be...

And that's a healthy attitude to take when facing change in one's employment situation, Sue. You're a woman of many talents and photography is among the best of them!

The Tui is an imposing bird, isn't it. Has Tex noticed it?

Vix said...

Love that top and can see you running up loads more. The necklaces are gorgeous, especially the white Buddha head - I want one!
The job situation sounds like a great opportunity to go and do something you love.
Babies? I don't blame the woman. They're boring. xxx