Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Mother Nature, I Love You!!

It's true, I do!!!

 All my large pots that I planted
are rocking the hell out of being colourful.
Everything is powering out in the growth stakes!!

Finally the Puff Ball shrub is flowering.  I still haven't planted it in the garden as it is doing pretty good in a pot on the deck.  Maybe this weekend I will have a planting session now that it is established.

 Oh and look,
the yellow Granny Bonnets are out!!

Today is me and TOF's 22nd Wedding Anniversary.  Congrats to us!!  Because we knew we were going to be busy today we decided to go for a drive out to Raglan to watch the sun set.  Romantic or what???

The sun was nearly down by the time we arrived at Manu Bay
so we  walked around the rocks for a better look.

 How gorgeous is this??

The surf was good apparently and loads of surfers were out enjoying themselves in the early evening, 7:30ish if I remember correctly.  We walked past this cross tucked in the side of the bank with the best view of the ocean. What a lovely place to rest in peace.

 Glorious colour as the sun slowly descended to the other side of the world.

Manu bay was looking so beautiful from above on the road.

We drove back into town to order some shark and tatties for our dinner, (Fish and Chips) because we were starving by then.  I had a thermos and tea making stuff so we could have a hot drink to wash all the grease from the takeaways down, I am so domesticated and forward thinking sometimes.

TOF looks like a possum caught in the headlights of an on coming car!  The flash in pitch black is just as scary.  We sat in the dark at a picnic table having our feed and a giggle that we really couldn't see sod all.  But it was all good clean fun!!  A car backed into a spot just down from us and I suggested that maybe they were going to ditch a dead body over the bank into the sea, TOF thought they were having a park up.  Either way I don't think they knew we were there which amused us plenty.

 Happy Anniversary to us!!
We deserved fireworks.

Before I disappear I will share my Hospice finds from yesterday.

Top left are beads, and pretty bloody gorgeous beads at that.  Cute Lil' pinny pattern, clip on sunnies for my reading glasses to use when reading outside (scored 2 pairs of these $1 each) metal sign sharing something I truly believe, and stripey ric rac.  Who knew ric rac came in stripes? Not me!

Thanks for stopping in and catching up with me!!



Beth Waltz said...

Congratulations, Sue, on celebrating your anniversary in a manner totally appropriate to you and TOF: gazing at surreal beauty, noshing on greasy takeaway, and giggling in the dark!

The pots of plants are spectacular! Clearly, you tucked some seeds of joy in them...

Connie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! So much loveliness!! Such a cute couple! Your fish and chips comes on a stick? Gosh. You live in a brilliant country! Much love!!!

Raewyn said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great way to celebrate - looks like you had lots of fun. Your garden really is responding to your Tender Loving Care - beautiful.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Sunsets and sunrises ... I love them both ... not that I see too many sunrises being a night owl and definitely not an early bird.
Happy 22nd Anniversary you gorgeous couple you!!!

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary to you & Tof Sue. I think fish & chips at Raglan sounds a great way to celebrate. Your garden is looking gorgeous & full of colour. Hope Jak is making a good recover, was thinking of him yesterday while weeding for some reason . . . ???!!!

Goody said...

Happy Anniversary. That looks like a perfect way to celebrate.

Clip on sunglasses are *the best*. I don't know how I ever lived without them. The newer styles have a hinge so you can just pop them up without taking them off. You got a great deal on those.

Curtise said...

Happy anniversary to you and TOF! How romantic, a beautiful sunset, and a fish and chip supper by the sea, wonderful! xxx

Vix said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! What a brilliant way to celebrate, too. xxx

Wee Wendy said...

I go away for a bit and when I come back it's like a warm hug full of fun reading your blog! Happy Anniversary! We're 22 years married too and I wish I'd thought of finding a sunset, how romantic are you?! I know I've said it before, but you really do live in the most beautiful part of the world, no wonder you're an outdoor girl! x

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