Sunday, 19 October 2014

TOF got a new ride

Our good weather has broken and the sky opened up today and cried!!!

But on Friday the sun was still shining
and my garden enjoyed it.

Even tho something has nibbled on the poppies
they still look lovely.
My carnations are starting to flower as well.

Also on Friday Jak got his stitches removed and we got to have a look at his scar, bigger than I thought and he is impressed as only a male could be about having a scar!  The surgeon was happy with how things looked and he now has a cast on for 4 weeks.  Then all going well he will be in just a brace for a while and his life can get back to normal.  Once my nursing job was done and I had dropped him home, I popped into an op shop while out and about.

I found a lovely brooch and a set of tennis balls for Sheba.  She cannot decide which is her favourite but believe me she is enjoying having MORE balls to play with.  By the way, she doesn't share.

Tex has rediscovered his garden chair.
We clip the shrub so it is like a cave for him.

Anyway, today me and TOF headed off to Whangamata to buy him a new Man Car.  He used to have a company vehicle so we never needed a second car.  But when he changed jobs a few years ago we had to buy him some wheels.  A little old Toyota Corolla Hatchback.  Apparently not very manly but reliable and economical. My BIL (brother in law) has recently up graded his ride so his Toyota Surf was up for sale, so we decided to buy it.

The Man Car!!
TOF is pretty happy about his new ride too.
Very practical for a bloke.

We got stuck behind this bloody idiot on our drive over to the coast.  His load was hanging over into the other lane which could have been fatal for any oncoming traffic.  Unbelievable!!  Luckily a truck in front of this fucktard had his hazard lights on to warn those heading towards this.  Couldn't get his number plate as it was covered in dirt, and he turned off down a side road eventually so we carried on our merry way.  

I left TOF with my BIL and went down town,
my sister was working in the shop.

I called in to one of the op shops that was open and found a $5 bag of lace and trims.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much was inside it.  From there I went into town to my sisters shop and chilled out for a bit, not very busy at all, maybe because the weather was on the dull side.  Because I had my own car and was alone I was able to call into a few of my favourite shops.  Well there are two I always like to visit.  Garuda and Buddha Lounge to be exact.

The top I bought, one because I like it, and two because it will be easy to make more of for summer. I have lusted after the pendant every time I have visited Buddha Lounge and today I decided stuff it I am having it.  Stirling silver with gem stones and a carved bone face.  The bracelet was only $5 so I wore that out of the shop, Garuda, where I bought the top from.

When I got home I found Tex still in the same comfortable position I left him in this morning.  He like me obviously had a great day!!  TOF got home about 10 minutes before me and enjoyed his ride home in his new Man Car.  Now I just have to sell his old one.  Trade me here we come I guess!!

I wore Tie Die and leggings!!
Perfect for a trip to the coast,
comfort rules for me when road tripping. 


Beth Waltz said...

I do agree: the pendant was a must purchase. It's exquisite! The floaty top is lovely and the metal bracelet looks useful.

Men are indeed peculiar about their scars and their rides. And then there are those men who really deserve to have something thrown at them -- yikes! that rolling road hazard is amazing!

Please give ol' Tex a head skritch for me. He's so restful.

Wendy Rayner said...

Great pics again sue x

Connie said...

I hear the Beatles' "Good Day Sunshine" playing in the back ground.

Leeanne said...

Lovely spot for the cat in the garden, I might pop down to join him! Groovie new man car.

Goody said...

The top is lovely-if you use it as a pattern to create others, will you let us know how it went? I recently came into possession of several sarees that need to be up-cycled and that top looks like the sort of thing I had in mind.

I really like the name Buddha Lounge-is the Buddha lounging, or is it a lounge for Buddha's? I guess as long as he's smiling, that's all that matters. Great pendant.

Did you burn a CD of music for TOF's new man car?

Angels have Red Hair said...

That truck is unbelievable … and I'm guessing his numberplate was covered in dirt accidentally on purpose!!
Love your new top … very, very pretty :0)

Vix said...

That top is lovely, I'd be running up lots of those, the pattern looks really simple to copy.
Love the bracelet.
Tex is such a cutie. xxx

Curtise said...

Ooh, that floral floaty top is great, and the pendant and bangle are gorgeous. You did well! I'm convinced my cats spend hours in the same spot snoozing while I'm out - as soon as they hear me, they move, doubtless because they think there will be FOOD! xxx

Helga said...

O, yeah, that's a humdinger of a new ride!
Jaysus, that ecard SO applies to me! I might have to steal it......
love the pendant!!!