Friday, 31 October 2014

No harm in joining in and having fun!!

Today it is Halloween.  

This is probably more of a new tradition to our little country and many people moan their tits off about it.  I am of the opinion of what harm does it do.  I have a basket of lollies in case trick or treaters come knocking on our door.  If no one arrives then I guess we will be well stocked in the lolly department for the weekend so nothing is lost.  Sure it is a Tradition from the Northern Hemisphere and just another gimmicky thing for the retailers to hook into, but it is fun if you want to join in, and who doesn't like to dress up? No harm is done and you do not have to spend a fortune, a few bucks gets you some lollies!! If it ever gets to be a really big thing in NZ then believe me I shall be that scary woman that dresses up and scares the beejazus out of kids that come knocking on our door.  Mwahahahahahaha!!!!

Thirteen years ago I took Max and Jak with this motley crew out trick or treating around a posh part of town not far from where we live.  While all the other mums were sitting around chatting and drinking I went with off the little kids.  Jak was 6 so Max would have been 8 1/2.  It was really good fun, and the kids got all sorts of treats, even Oranges, which they politely thanked the adults for.  

My boys still remember that night.

Late this afternoon my good friend Annette
came around with her three gorgeous little grand kids.

 My paper bags containing treats.

My little tricksters  pretty tickled with their bags of goodies.

This little Mister played a good trick on me with one of those kids kaleidoscopes that had black stuff on the eye piece!!!  See all good fun, didn't hurt a bit, and to see little faces smile was so sweet.

(with a grin)

And plenty or treats for door knockers or for us!!

Roll on Guy Fawkes,
  that is next weekend!!!
TOF loves to buy the big bangers! 

Now where is my BLACK cat?
I know some people already think I am a WITCH
(or is that a Bitch?)
Might go park my broom at the front door too!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!


Leeanne said...

I have broom parking at my place! Love the treat bags you made up, wished I thought of that! I forgot all about Halloween, plenty of kids came calling and all I had was two muesli bars!Sad old witch that I am, the kids didn't look very excited about those muesli bars either! Love that the little guy played a trick on you.

Vix said...

Love that picture from the old days!
I'm that grumpy old woman who'll be padlocking the gate at dusk tonight. xxx

Curtise said...

It's not for me, all this Halloween malarkey, especially not the heavily commercialised side of it, and gangs of feral kids demanding treats (or money, in some cases)! Claudia is dressing up for a Halloween party at her friend's; the rest of us are heading out to avoid the whole thing! xxx

Raewyn said...

Good on you!! I would have been very surprised if anyone had turned up at our place trick or treating......if they had, they would have had to leave empty handed, not even a muesli bar in the house!!
Love your fun though :-) Awesome trip out to Raglan in the rain..beautiful photos. Hope the tooth is surviving the weekend and the pain will be over soon.

Julie said...

Hiya Sue - love your treat bags, lucky kids receiving those, what a great idea having them all made up ready. We dont get anyone out here calling on us for Halloween, they think we are "the back of beyond". I used to have the coolest witch outfit some years ago but have somehow lost it in my shifts.

Goody said...

I love those treat bags, and photos of all the kids. I have a black and orange photo box filled with treats for the kids...if they ever show up.

I suppose I should go put on a costume of some sort just to say I did. Hell Yes, Guy Fawkes Day! I can't build a bonfire here (city codes, blah blah blah) but there will be parkin, toffee apples, and baked potatoes.

Tomorrow is like boxing day for Halloween where the shops have all the candy at 90% discount, and next year's decorations.

Fiona said...

It's another thing that's come over from the states, can't be doing with it meself, most of it is tacky commercial crap. I wouldn't mind some of your lollies tho'...what, no Cherry Ripe!
Loads of fireworks going off here at the mo', luckily the mogster is unconcerned and is snoring on the bed.

Beth Waltz said...

Boo to you, Sue! (And to ol' Tex, who might look well parked beside the pumpkin.) Here in the rural Midwest volunteer fire departments and other public service organizations host parties for designated age groups, and often restrict the refreshments to hot dogs, burgers, caramel apples and donuts. Home visits usually occur only within the family circle -- such as your friend's treat for her grandchildren. We agree with Curtise: feral kids are not to be encouraged.