Saturday, 1 November 2014

I'm gonna lead you down the garden path....

...well my garden path!!!

I made you all a video, but you cannot hear me very well chatting away like a mad woman!  Do hope you go for a wander and have a nice time.  

I had a grand time in the back yard today.

The weather was so glorious that I filled the clothes line with washing, watered my planter boxes and then decided to enjoy the peace and quiet of being home alone.  TOF had to go to work, and Jak had buggered off for coffee or something.

I got very comfortable on the garden swing with a cuppa, my book and some left over treats from last night.  Oscar joined me on the swing, Sheba was playing with her ball, Tex was snoozing out front on his garden seat, and the girls were all happily faffing.  The sky was beautiful blue, no clouds, plenty of sunshine and a gentle cool breeze.  

Could I ask for anything more? 
I think not.
It was perfect.

I only managed to read a couple of chapters before I discovered that lying down on the swing seat makes you fall asleep!  Oooooops!!!  The dogs and I lay on a rug on the back lawn in the sunshine for a while, and again, I nodded off.  Fark I am like an old person, nodding off when I get too relaxed, I know I snore so I bet the odd fart escaped too.  Such a lady!!!

Joan is the funniest chicken out.  She loves to be held, and continues to come inside.  She even wandered in one day last week while a friend and I were having a chat and a drink.  She just swans about like any other household pet making herself quite at home.  My friends all know to expect unusual with me, anything goes round here.  So I wore this little lot today as I had to venture out early this morning to make Big Red my car legal, as the registration had expired.

So are you ready to go on that walk down my garden path??

Next time I make a video
it will be me facing the camera!!

Get ready for a laugh,
I just need to pluck up the courage to do it
now that I have said it!!!


Leeanne said...

Joan sure is a fantastic addition to your menagerie, what a character, just like you! Thanks for the walk down the garden path, your hens have an amazing home!

Beth Waltz said...

Drat! Can't get the video to play...and this Midwestern morning is dark and icy cold, and I really need some happy cackling to get me up and out!

Beth Waltz said...

Huzzah! Took it a while to load, but now I've got sunshine, chickens, and ol' Tex ready for his close-up! * The salad bar looks delicious!

SAM said...

I already miss green and it's just November 1. I love your blue chairs spot and can picture you enjoying tea and a chat with a friend.Thanks for posting-a lovely peek into your space.

SAM said...

Forgot the time zone-just noticed the date on my post is November 2, and here in Minnesota it's early Saturday morning, November 1. Isn't the blogosphere grand that way that there us interest and camaraderie so far away? Sorry to be sappy-just caught me up.

Raewyn said...

Cool video, I even watched it in full-screen mode for extra impact! Your garden is amazing and so well looked after (wish I could say the same aout mine!) and your animals loooked so well loved!

Connie said...

I loved the video. Such a pretty garden. It sounds like Joan is the Perfect chicken for you.

Goody said...

Ah yes, Joan is ready to be a movie star.

Thank you for the beautiful tour of your garden.