Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Who goes to the beach after work?

I do,
That's who!

Yesterday I spent the day making the most of the good weather catching up on all the washing I had neglected to do over the weekend.  I also spent a bit of time in the garden, dead heading, watering, and of course taking photos.

 The last of my Tulips and other colourful flowers.

 Little Ms Coral found a nice spot in the garden to rest.

How I love Poppies,
and I have never had Orange ones before.

Today Jak decided he wanted to go for a surf before his hand gets operated on next week, as he knows he won't be getting in the ocean for a few months after that.  So when I got home from work he loaded his board and wetsuit into the car, and ME!!

I had forgotten about the walk down hill to get to this part of the beach at Raglan, but it is totally worth it, I mean look at the beauty!!

The beach looks abandoned but trust me it wasn't.  School kids are on holiday at the moment and that with the added bonus of a lovely 19* day today there were plenty of people enjoying the beach, and in the ocean.  My feet got wet and that was more than enough for me, not warm enough for anything more than that!

The surf was small I guess but Jak had plenty of fun on his long board, just like the others out there having a wee play in the waves.  So hard keeping track of him as once out in the water, they all look the same!!

This gorgeous boy was hanging out on the edge of the beach near me, barking and whinging at his owner who was out surfing.  So cute, running in and out of the waves, but also quite enjoying stopping next to me for an ear rub or two.

 Even Jak was welcomed ashore when he had finished playing in the water.

Jaks shadow made for an interesting photo and he even obligingly stood still for me!  I think I need new jandals for summer, mine are looking tired!!

 Then we started the climb back up the hill to the car park.

I had seriously forgotten how steep this is,
so stopping to take photos made me look artistic not unfit!!

The view from the car park isn't too bad!

Did I mention we have Daylight savings happening now?  Our clocks went forward an hour on Sunday so our evenings are longer and Summer really is getting closer by the minute.  This was taken at 5:00pm, I love Daylight savings.

Before we went home we drove round to Whale Bay, where you walk in between some very nice homes to get to the surf, no beach here, but spectacular views for ever!

We sat on the bank above the rocks in the sun and watched a couple of guys surfing then decided that at 5:30pm we should seriously consider heading back into town and be on our merry way home for our dinner.  The best part is that we can visit the beach when ever we want to as it is such a short drive from Hamilton to Raglan.  We are very lucky.

 Good bye Raglan, don't fret, we will be back!!

 Wind power!!!

 Fabulous cloudy skies!!!

Past plowed fields towards home.

Why would I want to work full time when with part time hours I can sneak off to the beach whenever the urge strikes me.  Oh and this is what I wore today, and to the beach as well except the shoes got traded for my old faithful jandals.  In true Goody I flipped the bird at any silly notion of taking on full time employment!!


Beth Waltz said...

Oh, dear, Sue! I was thoroughly enjoying the stroll down to the beach when I began noticing the rather steep gradient... Next time, haul along a bath chair and have that sturdy son of yours push you along in comfort. Call it an "experiment in amateur video dolly shots."

Ms. Coral does serve as a charming garden ornament. Sheba and her ball present a goofy variation on the garden gnome. Your garden is a happy place!

Vix said...

Here in the Midlands we couldn't get any further inland so its lovely to accompany you to the beach. What a gorgeous place it is, too!
Liking the polka dots and the critters.
Yes - PJ out in public and there was even a woman in a towelling dressing gown. Appaling! xxx

Connie said...

Darling Sue, I am so happy that you carried your camera with you . . . what gorgeous photos. You live in such an amazingly beautiful part of the world and I feel blessed that you would take the time to snap shots and share them with us. I agree, stay with the part-time hours . . . life is too short for all work and no play :)
Enjoy your beautiful weather.
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Angels have Red Hair said...

More fab photos ... glad you enjoyed your trip to the beach ... and it's always nice when boys don't mind their mothers coming along.
Our daylight saving starts this weekend ... can't wait :0)

Leeanne said...

Loving your photo's! I must say I was surprised to see you had plain old black jandals! I was thinking pink, red, orange with beads and flowers!

Goody said...

Next time, make him carry you on his back ;)

I've been landlocked here for nearly 14 years-I've forgotten what an ocean looks like. I've never surfed (on a good day I'm doing well if I can walk without falling down) but it looks like such a great rush.

I think you're hanging around with the wrong crowd young lady, where would you ever learn such a vulgar gesture? Oh yeah, nevermind.

Julie said...

Loved my trip to Raglan again with you Sue. Thanks for taking me along for the ride :-) Your garden is looking gorgeous & colourful, like you.

Curtise said...

The beach at Raglan looks amazing, what wonderful photos, Sue. Worth the effort of the climb! Gorgeous flowers and skies too, and then you finish off with lovely polka dots and a defiant gesture to express your views on full-time work - perfect! xxx

Shawna McComber said...

Your coastland is so gorgeous and how lucky you are to live nearby. I have serious New Zealand envy. Where I live I am right on the coast but it is a sheltered one and I must drive four hours to the other side of the island to get to the rugged one where people go surfing.

I love your pink and polka dots. It's a very Sue look and accessorised so nicely with a flipped bird.

peaches mcginty said...

I couldn't imagine being far from the sea, it's good for my soul - your beaches though are unbelievably beautiful, just gorgeous, New Zealand is beyond amazing (and you got to spend time with Jak) - glad you are getting the extra hour, more time to play out and have fun and full time work...*choke* I vowed never to do full time a couple of years ago, best decision ever (even though I am a professional relaxer right now, ha!) love your outfit, course I do! love the ruffley bit on the hem of your dress, gorgeous! x x x

Raewyn said...

I can see the pull of Raglan - our daughter and partner love to visit to surf from Auckland - well worth the trip. Beautiful photos as always Sue and you wear colour so well!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy Rayner said...

Lovely pics sue X