Friday, 3 October 2014

Don't write lists if you aren't going to take them with you!!

That is a note to myself, that more than likely I will leave behind so still forget what I am supposed to be doing/getting when I am out.  I know I am not the only one that does this, I am just BIG enough to admit it!! (crap I'm getting old, noooooooooo!!!!  Runnnnnnnnnnnnn!!  Hang on I don't do RUN, walk briskly and don't look back, you are young, remember old is 20 years older than your current age, take THAT memory of mine)

Example One:

According to my junk mail, some coffee mugs I wanted were on half price at Briscoes, a shop that is constantly having a Sale, but advertise like the Sale is a new idea.  Anyway as I was in town this morning I went into said shop and found the mugs and got myself a Purple one, a Yellow one, and a Blue one.  The two colours missing were Red and Green, so back in my car I wrote myself a note and went to their other shop which is out my neck of the woods.  In the shop they only had Purple which I thought was the colour I was missing.  BEEP!!!  WRONG!!! I now have two Purple and still no Red or Green and my note about the colours is still in the car.

Now what do you think of my Pink Lavender??
I gave one to my sister for her birthday last year
and had a hankering for one ever since.

True it is a Pinkish colour. 

This was on another of my lists sitting in my car, and surprisingly enough I got this one right.

Example Two:

Because my note about this shrub was in the car I thought is was called 'Puffball'.  No wonder the garden centre lady wondered what the %@!* I was on about.  I finally found it, I was looking for what the label looked like, but it is about to break out in 'Puffballs' I mean 'Snowballs'.  Apparently it is perfumed too so it is going to be lovely down by the chicken coop, I am trying to disguise chicken shit smell with fragrant plants.  So far so good with the Jasmine.

Lesson learned?
Until next time I bet!!

Today I wore a double layered Black dress I scored yesterday at Save Mart over a longer Pink dress, with black leggings and shoes, Tree of life necklace and my new to me black hand bag.  I love this bag it reminds me of Helga she has the most beautiful handbags!!

Our weather has turned to shite with far too much rain and wind but that was not going to stop me from getting out amongst the op shops early.  I found this kids sized embroidered brolly, a nice tall spaghetti jar, old cooking book, and two embroidered draw cord bags, better than wrapping paper for gifts.

So many fabulous shoes and all in near new if not brand new condition and ranging from $2.50 to $8.  The $8 ones are the pinky red coloured sandals, Clarks so that explains the $s and brand new. I nearly died when I spotted the glitter Jelly shoes, I have these in sparkly pink so I HAD to have those at $3.  Which leaves the last pair at $2.50, the coloured swirls remind me of that swirly jacket I got the other week and wore here.  But finding a Briarwood bag for only $2, well that was a divine moment indeed!!!!

I got Jak this basket, it is a good size and perfect for his washing that usually lives on his bedroom floor to end up.  The vegetable peelers are for him also as he was having a bitch fest the other night about our peeler we have, being "farking useless".  My did would have said "as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike" or "useless as tits on a bull".  I can't remember any more, maybe I have them written down somewhere in a safe place that I will find ONE DAY when I am looking for something else.

Actually I told the other Sue today that if she ever finds ONE DAY to let me know because I am not sure where it fits into my week.  Like is it between Monday and Tuesday, or Saturday and Sunday, or, well which two days, because stuffed if I can ever find ONE DAY in my week.  Hence all those things I keep telling myself I will do One Day don't get done!! Oh and the peelers, in case you wanted to know where on a Super Duper Special Sale Price came from Briscoes!!  They were marked as being $12-99 but when scanned they were ONLY $3, reason for buying two of them!!

Back to that outfit from today,
ticks a lot of boxes for me!!

I found these two long tops/short dresses at my favourite Hospice in the $2.50 racks.  Always worth a good look in their.  

Now if you are wondering about the rings, well here goes.  I am having a Silver and Gold moment, and plain, low, stuff that can be worn 24 hours seven days (or eight if we find that bastard One Day) a week.  I am lazy about jewellery, I basically like to leave it all on.  Only necklaces and other bangles get put away each night.  Sorry left the track there for a minute.  Silver!  I got the filigree one in a sale a few weeks back and I love it.  Then I found the other one yesterday at Save Mart, $2!  Without my glasses on I though I could see the silver mark, lucky for me I was correct, as without my extra eyes it could have been a scratch!!  Got it home, cleaned it up and next thing it was living on my left hand.  The Gold hand is the family/heartfelt hand!  I cut my original wedding band off as it was getting thin, and I don't wear my 23year old engagement ring anymore so my replacement is the filigree one (I am sensing a trend).  The dome ring with low set diamonds was a 40th birthday present from my parents. 

I am old fashioned in the fact that I wear a watch, I like having a watch!! Takes far to long to get my mobile phone rescued from my bag, remember how to work the thing, finally find the time icon, press it and see the time!! I always wear my gold bangle, a gift from TOF and the lads for another birthday, and most days my Mala, a gift from a Yoga teacher from a few years back (bet that floored you, Yoga, didn't see that coming did you because I have the figure of a devotee).  

Off track again from rings, looks like we have moved onto or into one of my jewellery boxes................................

Anyway, Friday night here, it is blowing like a bugger outside and raining. All the indoor pets are tucked up with Jak on the couch under my quilt. TOF has gone to bed and us two are both on our laptops with Surfing on the TV.  I am trying to get him to make me a hot drink but by the looks of that line up on the couch I might be the tea lady tonight.   We have just had some Thunder Yaaaaaay! I love thunder at night, so hopefully we will get a dirty old storm soon, storms are great when you are tucked up inside.  Then if we have a storm tonight it will be all blown over by tomorrow.  

Things to do people,
place to go,
people to see,

Be kind to yourself
have a fricken awesome weekend!!!


Beth Waltz said...

For a change, Sue, I'll not marvel over your unbelievable talent for finding shoes. Instead, I'll join you in squeaking "yes! a bag worthy of Helga!" Very nice, indeed!

Your remark about selecting plants to cope with the girls' byproducts gave me a giggle. Here in the rural Midwest, before indoor plumbing was common, one took The Path "to inspect the lilacs." Parents used to caution kids about stepping on boards near lilacs on deserted properties: "You'll fall into...!"

Julie said...

I seriously think you need to frame that picture of Jak & the pets tucked up on the sofa ... its a good job there arent any more indoor pets Sue as there isnt much more room. Love it !!! Just as well the hens dont come inside as i could just see a few perched along his legs on top of the quilt or one on the laptop perhaps . . .
Wild nasty weather over my way too :-)

Goody said...

*Raises hand* I do the list thing too. *Hangs head in shame*

I would have fought you for the sparkle jelly shoes-they're splendid. And yes, a Helgatastic bag. Let's make that an official category in the blogosphere.

Have a great weekend.

Leeanne said...

crazy weather here too! Blowing a gale! And cold for the 'winterless north'.
You sure know how to put all your clothing and jewelry finds together so super duper well!

Vix said...

Ha! I'm the same, forever scribbling down lists and leaving them on the kitchen table!
Love the Helga-esque bag and the Indian parasol. Our lavender is flowering yet again, weird for October! xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love the picture of Jak and furry friends … your babies all together :0)