Friday, 10 October 2014

Yesterday I floated but today I was a spinner!!

What a long day today turned out to be!!

I was up, fed and dressed quite early, even time for a photo session by my pots of colour.  Working a Black and White theme today and loving it.  Note my new to me tunic under my jacket, its mint as.

I left Jak to sleep this morning while I popped out to do some things before I had to get him to hospital.  We arrived for admitting at 11:30, he got the low down from a delightful nurse, then he got dressed in his hospital garb!!  So stylish as we all know and I bet it is the same world wide, those bloody awful gowns that tie at the back and always mange to fly open. Must say that the Southern Cross is a mighty nice private hospital, and rather glad we don't have to pay.  Thanks ACC, or is that, thanks NZ tax payers.  Hang on, me, TOF and Jak are all tax payers? 

 Thanks to us then!!

He was finally taken away for surgery at 1:30pm and by then I could have eaten grass I was that hungry (breakfast was at 6:30am).  So I left the hospital and went into Hamilton East for a spot of lunch and some op shop retail therapy.  Lunch was so yum!  Sour dough bread toasted with Avocado, tomato, feta, cracked pepper and sweet red onions.  Washed down with a very nice Mocha and all delivered by the nicest young men ever.  It was so relaxing sitting at a table outside on the pavement watching people going about their business while I enjoyed my lunch.  Might make this for my breakfast tomorrow, it was that delish!!

The Salvo in Hamilton East had some pretty nice things today.  Like the small magnetic travel Backgammon and Chess set, the super gorgeous skirt, small china bowl with quote, the best looking pot brush ever and some very pretty fabric that quite possibly could be a sheet!!  Weak moment again.  I left the shops and went back to the hospital around 3:00pm only to find that the poor lads op didn't start until just after 2:30.  Seemed silly to sit and wait for a couple of hours there on such a glorious day so I headed home.  But detoured into Habitat first where I found another M.I.L.K book, cane handles, and a small key cupboard with a chalk board heart on the door.

No floating in the back yard today, more of a spin took place in the light breeze.  Seemed appropriate as the dogs were barking and spinning with excitement of me being back home.  

Funny how they carry on
as if you have been away for days not hours!

Not the cat though.
Tex was very very busy

The surgeon phoned me just after 4:00pm to say all had gone well and Jak was in recovery so I went back to the hospital to check in on him.  Apart from being a little woozie he said he was feeling pretty ok.  His dinner arrived but he didn't feel like it so...... of his mated that had come to visit on his way home from work
helped out!!

So I shall go collect him around mid day tomorrow if all goes well tonight, which I am sure it will.  Hopefully his hand will heel fast and the poor lad can get back to work and living.


Curtise said...

Glad to know Jak is doing OK. And yes, having a little opportunity for some op shopping and a spot of lunch was entirely appropriate, while you were waiting!
That white cupboard was a lovely find, and lunch looks delicious. You're rocking the black and white, Sue! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

The black and white combo was ideal for a hospital-based day -- very crisp!

What a nice luncheon idea, that sourdough w/avocado, tomatoes, feta and onion; however, I'd go with a merlot rather than a mocha. And my cats would wake up long enough to assist with the feta served on a bit of toast!

The fabric is very springlike -- and it probably isn't a sheet at all. And if it is, one couldn't tell, really, wrapped up as it was...

Vix said...

Glad to hear that Jak's okay and the op's done and dusted. Lunch looks delicious and the monochrome is fabularse! xxx

Julie said...

I really love your black & white outfit Sue, being a black/white girl myself. I thought of Jak yesterday while I gardened & hoped his Op went well. I adore that heart cupboard you got from Habitat. How come I dont see cool things like that???!!!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Yum! Lunch looks delicious!
I'm loving that little key cabinet too ... so cute.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the patient ... and his Mum :0)

Goody said...

Glad to hear the operation went well, and he'll be back on the surfboard in no time.

What a fun little cabinet. I just know you're going to fill it with something interesting.

Shawna McComber said...

I'm glad the surgery seems to have gone okay. Here they would make it day surgery and kick you out once you'd woken. That looks like an awfully good meal for hospital food.

Your shopping finds look fun and I quite like the rolling pin with the message from 'Management'

And LOVE your outfit. I think twirling and spinning is always best done after floating. You've got it right once again!

Helga said...

Bloody hell, Jak has been in the wars!!! Yays to a speedy recovery!
It's veryreasonable to take the opportunity for an opshop frenzy! Such great scores too! XXX