Wednesday, 8 October 2014

It is true; never judge a book by it's cover.

Today being Wednesday meant that I went to the Airport for work.  There are two really lovely cleaning ladies that work out there that always have time for a bit of banter and a laugh.  My kinda people!!  These two ladies are a mother daughter set up, and today the daughter was working.  She was telling me how her mother had worked in Banking for 40 years then threw it all aside for her commercial cleaning part time job, I thought wow!  Then she tells me how she has a University degree in Counseling and such things and the cleaning gig was only supposed to be for 6 months.  4 years later she is still happily doing her job and loving it.  As she explained, timing isn't right for the Social work, and the cleaning job fits in with her family commitments.  This all got me to thinking on how easily people form an opinion on people they do not know, by what they do for a living, how they look, or how they act.

I have been a victim of being judged wrongly more than once in my lifetime.  Maybe victim is the wrong word because I certainly never felt like a victim.  If anything I pitied the people that listened to the mis informed gossip they were being told.  The old saying of "don't judge a book by it's cover" is something we should all remember to live by.  I always tell people, not to judge me until they know me, because I like to make my own mind up about people I meet, and I would like to think people would do me the same curtsey.

How true is that!!!

Anyway, my little speech of the day is done, now lets get onto the business of whats been going on in my world.  I have worked Monday to Wednesday this week as Jak goes into hospital tomorrow for the surgery on his hand.  By working those days it has freed me up to take care of my baby boy!!  Seriously it means I can get him to the hospital, hang around for the time required, slip out to the shops near by while he goes under the knife, and be back in time for him coming back to join the real world.

I have managed a few visits to my favourite shops over the last couple of days and walked out the door pretty pleased.  The blue dress/top looks rather uninspiring on a hanger but it will be fabulous on with other bits and bobs. The  hoops are a project and the necklace begged to come home with me, who am I to say No!

The ladybird onesie thing is actually for a 3-6month old, I live in hope of being a G-ma one day, and this can be stashed, can't it??  Below it is a bit of Sylvac, I do like a bit of Sylvac.  Brass bell, because I like it, floral floaty top, Mother duo, and a scented candle.  No shit, a scented candle, read the label!

I spent the entire afternoon kicking back in my back garden with the animals in the sunshine that was on offer.  Never know how long the sun will stay for, so enjoy it I will.

The girls joined me.

I got told today that I float when I walk, yeah that's me the floater!! I think it is my clothes that do the floating, but it was a nice thing to be told.  She also thought I looked Angelic, yeah, my wings are in the car!!

My Granny Bonnets are starting to flower, I love old fashioned flowers like these, and I let them seed down every year so I never know where they will turn up or what colours.  So far Purple are out the back and Yellow are out the front.  Pretty sure I have Pink somewhere, time will tell.

My Idesia trees are starting to grow new leaves, such a good sign.  Lily decided that the dogs bowl on the deck was the place for a drink.

Garden box update:  Looking Good!!

The girls can only look at the lush greenery, so job well done on the chicken proofing.  Both sides are flourishing and we have been eating from the salad selection already.

Sheba needs a B-A-T-H, she is humming.  Can you smell her??  We spell that word but I think she knows what is going to be happening tomorrow.  Thank goodness for the dog wash down the road.

Before I go, meet Iris!!  She was $5 at the Hospice and was looking for somewhere to live, so she came home with me.  She is a bit of a hard case old bird, and I like her!!  You go Iris!!

 I love this!

And love this one!!


Beth Waltz said...

Good luck with the B-A-T-H, Sue! And I still fear for the salad bar as the Chicken Committee continues to inspect it carefully.

Your observations about people assigning rank (for want of a better word) to others based on their occupations ring true even here in the supposedly democratic States. I serve as a magazine recycler for friends with funds who subscribe to pricey science journals: it's interesting to see who among the housekeeping staff joyfully carts them away!

Angels have Red Hair said...

There are two words that Buster knows how to spell … I'm sure of it … one is W-A-L-K and the other is B-A-T-H … one gets him all excited … the other has him heading for the hills ;0)

Vix said...

I love that the ex-banker choses to work as a cleaner. I remember the utter bemusement after I quit my job and announced to the employment agency that I'd be happy working for minimum wage, they were dumbfounded!
The pictures of your looking all floaty with the chickens are lovely, the new blue tunic is a stunner. xxx

Shawna McComber said...

Sue your blog is like a tonic for me and I always love everything so much I never know where to begin with my comment. I think it is that I would be living like you if I did not have a chronic illness (which affects my energy, time and funds available) Your home, your animals and garden and op shop finds and your delightful outfits, so angelic and floaty, these things all make me feel at home. Add to that your wit and gorgeous photography and I think I hold my breath while I read your blog.

Your blue dress is a perfect layering piece and the floral top is very pretty. I look forward to seeing them on you.

Your discovery about the cleaning women is fabulous! We all make snap judgments and it is probably a life saving skill we need when walking through snake infested grasslands but not as useful when looking at book covers. It is well known here in Canada that in the large cities our taxi drivers are mainly immigrants and the man driving you around Toronto could have been a brain surgeon in his own country.

Julie said...

Gorgeous photos Sue. I was a cleaner for many years while I raised my boys on my own... it worked in perfectly with them being at school. Yep, I remember being judged too. I cared alot back then, today I wouldnt care at all !!!! Your planter is looking great & growing well I see. I hope Jaks surgery goes well for him ... all the best.

Goody said...

I get my share of being spoken to s-l-o-w-l-y or LOUDLY when the person has decided I'm a recent immigrant to the US. Of course once I open my mouth to speak and the Chicago accent pours out, that changes. Still, I wonder why people think shouting will make someone understand the language better?

Bring a coat for your son when he gets out of surgery-the anesthesia always makes people cold when they come out of it, and a hospital supplied blanket is rarely adequate.

I love that you're buying for future grandchildren. I confess-I do the same. It is hard to resist cute baby items.

Raewyn said...

Fun fabulous and gorgeous photos, Sue! Great little spiel too, something I do try to live by :-) Hehe I have a 'hope box' (a shelf actually) for ONE DAY when I am a Gan-ma!! (My kids are being WAY too clow)