Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Rambling about in my garden

Tuesday = work

Another busy day relaxing!

 A Bumble Bee was very busy.

All from my garden.

I think the Fuchsia looks
like a ballet dancer
with extra legs and the
best under skirt ever.

For years I thought this was a weed
and I kept pulling it out.

 Pink Geraniums take some beating.

 The Humble Bumble again!

Nature throws the very best
colours together.

I love everything about this tree.
Clusters of white flowers
and variegated

 The last of the Granny Bonnets,
soon I will be collecting the seeds.

I found these wide legged red pants for $2, I have no idea if they will fit but they were too fabulous to not bring home.  The shoe box full of 'stuff' I got for $8, want to look inside??

Not a bad little haul.
Rick Rack,
Bias Binding in a rainbow of colours,
embroidery cottons,
zip things,
domes and a green zip.

Fresh juicy home grown
from TOFs garden.


Beth Waltz said...

The pretty pot is perfect for that floral arrangement, Sue! Thank you very much for the close-ups of botanical detail: makes one feel as though we're in he garden together, and you're holding the posy up for inspection and admiration.

The same delicious feeling of anticipation applies to your displaying the "box of stuff", and then showing us some "stuff"!
Wonderful notions!

A chum of mine makes Native American costumes for local pow-wows, and she uses ric-rac to create Siminole ribbon dresses. Do the Maori adapt sewing goods in this way?

Beth Waltz said...

Sorry, just realized a cat sat on the keys -- it's "Seminole" for those who might attempt to Google it.

Curtise said...

Flowers, bees, Tex, amazing red pants, and a Box of Brilliant Stuff - how fantastic! xxxx

Goody said...

You have such a gift for flower arranging. I've never been able to do much beyond shoving them in a vase, but your arrangements always look like they were just delivered from the very best florist in town.

I'll bet the pets are pleased you are back to work, and unable to dress them in costumes. They're safe for a few days anyway!

I just know you will do something completely wonderful with those trousers. I recently bought a pair of very wide swingy culottes, and the brand name (I'm not kidding) is, "Pantology." I guess that makes me a "Pantologist" so in my new found role of pant expert, let me tell you...those are excellent pants.

Leeanne said...

That Fuchsia looks so pretty and like you say a ballet dancer!
Your box of goodies look very much like the one I took to our OpShop a couple of months back!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Those strawberries!!!! YUM!!!