Monday, 24 November 2014

Why I Love Monday!

For starters I don't work on 
That is enough to make anyone

I got dressed already to face the day
after a quick faffing in the garden.

 Heard you loud and clear
so you can put your claws away!!

Then I headed off into central city
to meet my good friend

We went to see the movie
My Old Lady.
Good film with Dame Maggie Smith.
At my favourite
very posh and grown up theater
the Lido.

Centre Place Mall
We had lunch in a nice little cafe, then headed back to pay for our parking as both of us had parked in the car park building at Centre Place.  Mine was $6 and Diane got charged $10!!  We have now decided that we will be going to movies at the other Malls where the parking is FREE!!!

 On my way home I stopped off at the Hospice shop and found this!!
This could only mean one thing!!!

 Dress ups!!

 Sorry Oscar.

Mrs Wickam/Dorothy is a really good layer but at the moment she isn't laying, just clucky so sitting on every ones eggs keeping them warm.  She is quite a stroppy bird and pecks at me when I disturb her to collect the eggs.  I can handle that, but what she does to the other girls is out of line!

Poor old Joan was getting laid and not enjoying it at all.  Sue W told me some chickens think they are Roosters, so does this mean I now have a lesbian chook?? Not that I am bothered, but I hand fed Joan as she was slightly traumatised after the wee bit of drama.


Leeanne said...

Love the out fit today, how was the movie, I like Maggie Smith. Not sure about the Xrated themes on your blog......chicken sex? poor chickens don't if they are Arthur or Martha.......literally!

Poppy Q said...

Oh your movie theatre sure is posh for the Tron. I was hoping it was you guys who won the $16 million on Saturday night.

Your pets are good for wearing the costumes. Miss Poppy here doesn't believe in playing dress ups. She would take an eye out with her claws.

Julie Q

Vix said...

Fab outfit and a very swanky cinema.
Poor Tex looks very annoyed at being dressed up, maybe he doesn't believe in Xmas either! xxx

Curtise said...

Noooo, take the costumes off the pets, poor loves!
Love your floral frock and the fancy pants cinema. Gay chickens? Who knew? xxx

Goody said...

Parking garages is a good business to be in. That's awful.

Poor pets! I tried getting our poodle into a santa suit once...BIG mistake. He was NOT pleased.

Love, love, love the floral dress.

peaches mcginty said...

Firstly, your outfit!! I love, LOVE it!!! gorgeous! you are just a total babe! did I say how much I love your outfit!! I love it! your furry babies are so adorable, I wonder if mine will let me dress them up - my female rabbits are always at it in the Spring, I feel for the little one though but they do take turns x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

LOL ... poor Oscar.
Doggy tantrums and chicken assaults ... it's all happening at your place today :0)

Beth Waltz said...

Your outfit is indeed very posh and grown-up, Sue. The lacy sleeves and tights are just the bit of edginess that print needed!

*ahem* Dorothy is not laying, but sitting, because she is having hormone issues. Hence, the odd behavior by hen-zilla. Try giving her a bit of meat on the bone to peck...rather than Joan.

The only costumes my cats would wear would be sofa cushion covers.

Helga said...

O, jaysus, the chickens!!! bahahhaaaaaa, I love them!!!
Tex is a right ruffian with his claws out!
As for you, m'lady, YOU are a GLOATER!
Good thing you look fabularse, or I'd be forced to spank you.