Monday, 1 December 2014

Back up, play catch up and a little bit of reminiscing.

Amazing how fast time flies as you get older. 
Like HELLO it is December already. 

I will now subscribe to the festive season and erect the tree and throw some decorations in it's general direction.  We keep Christmas pretty simple in this house and this year the four of us have drawn a name out of a hat, well a basket actually, so we only buy one present each.  On Christmas day we will then have to guess who purchased us our gift.  I am surprised that all the lads came on board with my idea!!

To get you all on board with the festive season (or the silly season) check out my cards!

I don't buy and send cards, but if I did, I would make them, and get everyone to dress up and have some fun.

As a deeply non religious person, Christmas for me signifies the beginning of Summer Holidays.  The end of one year and the moving on into the next one.  When the boys were small we got right into the magic of the season as you do when you have small kids in the house.  But now, we get together and cruise for the day, and anyone is welcome to pop in during the day to our low key 'laxed out Christmas.  We have entertained many a person at a loose end on the day over the years, and long may it continue.  But don't expect TRADITION round here.

Max's first couple of Christmas's we had a real tree, but it didn't take too long before it got too big and it had to be planted outside.  In fact it is still alive and growing but so HUGE!!

By the time Jak came along we had a fake tree,and we hung our Santa sacks out and displayed all our cards.  Because that is what you did.  We still have the sacks (I made them) and they still get things stashed inside them, but the fruit juice has been exchanged for booze these days.

One of the best things about Christmas when the lads were small were the TOYS!!!  We all got to have a play with them, some enjoyed them more than others.

The obligatory Santa photo was always taken, Jak wasn't overly keen on the big fat fella in the big red suit.  Max on the other hand was right into it, but he knew who was only a helper and who was the real deal.  Helpers wore slippers and the real guy wore boots!!

On Friday while out and about I found a bag of old school decorations, these will fit in rather nicely will the quirky collection I already have.

I also found two frocks and the best vintage NZ tea towel ever in a half price sale at an op shop.  Both frocks don't fit the girls so will be sold on. Big boobs can be a problem in frocks!

Working for sign writers has it's upside as in vinyl scraps. Great for covering books, lining shelves, you name it, you can do it.  So my BILLS folder got a make over, no excuses for not being able to find the BILLS folder now.

Apart from collecting eggs daily I am harvesting Strawberries.  So juicy and flavorsome.  TOF and I spent a lot of Saturday in the garden, and then we went out for a meal that night.  

How grown up  have we become!!  

On Sunday afternoon TOF and I went to a Wedding.  One of Max's oldest friends was getting married and the groom asked if we would like to go to the ceremony.  So we thought why not, and it was beautiful.

A tree lined driveway led to the most beautiful venue in the country, with amazing views.  Mark the groom was so excited about getting hitched.

I loved the bridesmaids frocks, all in shades of the same colour with cream lace collars and daisies around the waists.  The bride's frock was simple but gorgeous, and she looked lovely.

The rain held off long enough for this sweet young couple to tie the knot, seal the deal, sign on the dotted line.

Rural Waikato is stunning no matter which direction your drive.  This is out Karapiro way.

On our drive home we drove over the dam at Karapiro, this is near where the home of Rowing in NZ is.  All on our mighty Waikato River. 

Hope you all have enjoyed a lovely weekend,
I am off to unearth the Christmas tree,
dust it off and decorate it.


Goody said...

Looking at your old Christmas photos of the boys, all I can think is it is a miracle of sorts that the tree wasn't brought down on your china cabinet with a terrific crash!

I hear you on the frocks/big boobs thing. It is particularly frustrating when it is just a couple cm from fitting properly. Ah well, more excuse to shop for ones that fit.

I love your bills folder. If you can make bill paying cheerful, that's an accomplishment!

freckleface said...

So strange getting my head around the reverse season thing with Christmas and collecting strawberries in the same post. But, they look delicious and I love your cute decorations. Xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love Max's boots vs slippers theory ... kids have the best minds don't they.
I STILL make my boys get Santa photos ... it's a tradition ... and I've told them they have to keep going until I'm dead! As you can imagine they're VERY impressed ;0)
I love the idea of a laid back, relaxed Christmas ... usually there is way too much stress involved all for one day!!

Leeanne said...

Full on post my friend I- am -yet -to -have a- cuppa with! yes Christmas was fun with the kidlets, the early, VERY early mornings, the paper, oh the paper and cardboard everywhere!
If you have some boob on offer I can some!

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, I love your reminiscing pics ... gosh it all seems so long ago now & boys grow up waaayyy too quick. Your op shop finds are great (as usual) ... shame the dresses didnt fit. I adore your wedding pics ... something so special about an outside wedding, just beautiful.

Julie said...

Oh & p.,s. I forgot .... your strawberries are way ahead of mine ... yours look delicious & juicy. AND I LOVE your bills folder :-)

Beth Waltz said...

OH,DEAR - that child is going to pull that tree over and...! I'm relieved and surprised to learn that the tree, like the boys, not only survived but thrived. In my household it's been a game of cats vs tree. There are no more breakable ornaments in the box.

Thank you, Sue, for sharing the experience of a beautiful rural wedding. The bride's hair is like a detail from a romantic painting!

Shawna McComber said...

I love seeing the old Christmas photos! Those are HUGE Santa Sacks. No wonder the dresses don't fit. :P

The wedding looks beautiful and I love the bride's hair with the flowers tucked into the braid. So pretty!

I too am deeply not religious but I am also not much into decorating anymore. There isn't much point for just one person. I can't wait to see your tree all done and with the new to you vintage ornaments.