Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Through the lens of my camera I will try to make you smile.

The weather has totally got it's act together and it has
been BEAUTIFUL the last couple of days.

I have worked,
Op shopped,
enjoyed life outside
in my garden.

Habitat served up these two goodies yesterday for me. I love a brand new coat with tags still attached for a fraction of the original price.  I also love the beading on this hotplate, thanks I will take them both.

How gorgeous is each and every stage of a Hydrangea?

Sunshine and a Bird of Paradise belong together.

 Bugs all busy being bugs!

A very busy Bumble Bee gathering pollen.

Another fat as Bumble enjoying the Sweat Peas.

Stunning Colour everywhere.

 Girls all feeling the love of a beautiful day.

Leaves changing colours, nibbled and acting as pollen catchers.

 The glamour and grace that is a Monarch Butterfly.

Shapely Succulents.

Of course my big beautiful boy found me.

Vinnies in Frankton was full of surprises today, groovy as Christmas Tree lights, and two Happy Hens to add to my ever growing collection. Confession, my tree has not gone up yet, maybe tomorrow.

Vinnies has two stores side by side, one for furniture and nic naks, where I found the stuff in the previous photo.  The other shop is stocked with clothes and a good selection of other bits and bobs.  This shop was having a 50% off sale.  YES another basket, but look at the shape, and two very cute glass animals.  All this for only $3!!

I got Oscar a friend. I have a plan for this bear which will be revealed when I have completed my plan.

After Physio today I went to another Vinnies shop, this one is near my Physiotherapist.  It was having a 50% off sale so this little lot was all only 50c per piece.  I actually got two of these cups and three saucers, it is tiny and has markings and numbers underneath, could be a good score.

Another glorious afternoon in the garden.

I have a Foxglove growing in my own garden!!

 I also have a Gnome, the one in the middle people!!

 Tex hung out with my on the lawn.

 Oscar was taking time to smell the Roses
in this case a Dandelion.

 Petunias, who doesn't like Petunias?

 Sheba chilled out under the Idesia Tree with the rest of us.

And before I love you all and leave
Both pairs bought off Trade Me.

I have finished work for the week as I worked Monday to Wednesday
so now I have FIVE days off.



Vix said...

Aww, lovely nature and pet shots here and your new sandals look gorgeous. xxx

Julie said...

So much to make me smile in todays post Sue. Yes hasnt the last 2 days been glorious - I think we appreciate it as its been so awful til now. Love all your pics today, love hydrangeas SO much. Your new basket & those cups are just divine, I wouldnt have been able to walk past those. Just look at Tex's face ... the poor boy, he leads SUCH a stressful life, I do worry about him!!!!! (you have beautiful colours in your sweet peas, mine have come up all mauve even tho it was a mixed packet!!)

Leeanne said...

I need your camera, it takes fab photo's..........well I guess you are a big part of the process! I have a basket just like your one. RED shoe love AGAIN!

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm glad your weather has been nice ... ours is day after day after day of hot, hot, hot and humid, humid, humid and it's killing, killing. killing me!!!
Love all your pics and am highly impressed that Oscar is able to leave that teddy in one piece ... buster would have him headless and disembowelled before you could say "oh crap".

Raewyn said...

Your garden is beautiful - the photos are lovely - I would never have thought of taking a photo of a rose leaf past its best but it looks great!! Awesome new shoes, I'd never be brave enough to buy shoes without trying them on as I have good ole kiwi feet with a firm grip on NZ!!