Monday, 8 December 2014

I may well have all the Doilies

I stayed home today to tick off all the small jobs I had on a list.  I actually managed to do all but one thing so I am pretty pleased with myself.  Some major cleaning and sorting took place, a boot full of stuff got delivered to Habitat and I even IRONED!!!!!!!!!!!

All my lovely old doilies and table clothes were washed ages ago and have been sitting waiting patiently for me to iron them.  Me and my iron don't get on so I hardly ever get together with it.  But I did today and all has been ironed, folded and neatly stacked in this cane case. I love old linen and obviously haven't been able to walk past any of it for sale at the oppies.


Someone was incredibly busy all day.

What a life!!

 A tin of gorgeous old buttons arrived in the post.

I remember as a small girl playing with my mothers tin of buttons, funny how something so simple gave endless pleasure, lining them all up or making flowers or patterns with them. When I worked in the shop a lady used to buy buttons for children she worked with to use as therapy.

Perfect weather today for filling the line with washing
and for appreciating the beauty in the garden.

Lily, Ada, and Aggie are my three original chickens and starting to show their age.  Pretty sure none of them are laying any more, they seem to have slipped gently into retirement.  Speaking of laying I thought my entire flock was on a Stop-laying gig.  Then I discovered this....

A tidy pile of eggs under my big Idesia Tree.

Not knowing how long they had been there for, but suspecting only for a few days I thought I should find out if they were still good to go or not.

Before Uncle Google I would have phoned my Grandmother!!

Simple float/sink test and the entire pile turned out to be good.  I think the girls are laying in the garden because Ms Stroppy Pants or Mrs Wickam to you is still on Cluck patrol and has Oprah and Aretha Clucking with her so the nesting box is a trifecta of Cluckyness, and they are Stroppy birds together.  I should video them so you can see what I mean.

The Strawberries are amping!!
I seem to be picking a big bowl of them everyday.

I have decided to start hanging my own art around the house.  My painting in the middle has been on the lounge wall for ages, but I have added a couple of canvases from photos I have taken.  Getting Canvases made online these days is pretty reasonable and if I wait for a special I can get a few at a time.

These three got added to the Tree today,
a few of this years new to the tree decorations.

Eggs + Strawberries = Pavlova!!

I made two small ones so that 1 and 1/2 can go to work tomorrow and TOF gets the other 1/2 left.  When you have plenty of eggs and strawberries what else would you do.


Raewyn said...

My chooks are doing that too - one bossy hen making everyone else lay out in the yard; I have to scramble through overgrown vines to collect them! So nice to have the doiley collection; I know when you walk past more you won't be able to walk past them...wanna bet? Your garden photos are always so beautiful :-)

Curtise said...

Ahh, eggs from the girls and lovely strawberries, pretty linens and lazy boy Tex, sunshine, pavlova, and a tin of old buttons - that looks like a very good day to me, Sue! xxx

Vix said...

Sunshine? Yes please! Its bastard snowing here! xxx

Julie said...

What a gorgeous post Sue ... so much to drool over. Firstly your doilies made me gasp sitting in that lovely cane trunk. I dont enjoy ironing either but for some reason, I really love ironing the old linens etc. And yes, I too used to love playing with my Mums button tin & still have a love of buttons today. Isnt it great now how we can just go to google to find out things ... so much quicker & easier.
I can see I am going to worry about Tex again today - living his stressful life!!!!
Your strawbs look delicious & those pavs ... they sure are going to hate it when you no longer work there!!!
Have a great week x0x0

Helga said...

O, I love Tex' sweet little snuggle spot! I must get G to create something similar for our Peepers!
Indeed, you DO have all the doilies! Need has nothing to do with it, darling. Buy away! You'll do something fabularsely creative with them one day, I feel it in my waters!

peaches mcginty said...

*sneaking back, my bad* is everyone being spammed?? oh my goodness! love your ironed doilies! aren't they so pretty, I like to iron my tea towels, I'm rather fond of a sharp stack of 'em! yep the gorgeous kitties have a tough life, napping is a skill especially in such a divine location and a box of buttons is truly a wonderful thing, I like them too (tho, my daughters friend has a phobia of them) love your little deccies, (decorations) and your pavlova (I can't make meringue, bah!) bet it was delicious though!) x x x

Leeanne said...

magical colourful dreamy post! The basket, the doilies, the flowers the hens oh and the BUSY BUSY cat..............just like my Simon! (he's my supervising cat that hasn't been supervising much these days!

Beth Waltz said...

It's safe to open your lovely linen basket (scented with lavender from your garden?) whilst ol' Tex is snoozing al fresco and won't be tempted to lounge there. I fear my cats would be stuffed inside, soaking up the freshly ironed warmth.

Updates on The Girls are always welcome, Sue. Your senior ladies appear to be Dominics, which is good news because they live very long lives indeed! Pretty birds!

I've happy memories of sorting buttons into muffin tins. The family buttons are now displayed in an apothecary jar in the dining room. Must give it another look: those blue crystal buttons of yours look familiar!

Goody said...

Thank you for the reminder-I bought a huge bag of buttons that need to be sorted through. I remember learning to use a needle by threading buttons from the sewing box.

Your photos look so lovely transferred to canvas.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Yum ... love the pav .. and there is simply NOTHING better to be done with eggs and strawberries. Did you paint the painting? And if so why haven't I seen any of this artwork before??