Friday, 12 December 2014

It is all has to come to an end.

My job for one, only three more days of work next week and I will be unemployed.  But there is a lot to do before I sign off from that job, like going out for dinner with them all, and of course tidying up all the worky things before I say my last farewell!!  

It's been FUN!

They are gonna miss this face!!
They are still in denial and waiting for that
last minute change of mind
from there returning office gal.
(my fingers are crossed)

Something else that is coming to an end
in a matter of weeks!!

But there is still a lot to pack into those weeks.

Like catching up with Dawn today to take photos of her work to for a prospective Gallery that is interested in selling her creations.

She has been using a huge Kiln at the Pottery Society to cook her clay as hers is in storage at the minute.  So we met at the Society to do the wee photo shoot.  With that done and dusted, it was all packed into her car and we were joined by her daughter and a friend.  The four of us decided to do lunch, as you do when you are not working!!

The mind boggles at what 'Men do' in this Shed!!

We feasted on healthy Salads!!
With things like crumbed Brie deep fried
and washed it done with a bit of booze.
Well it is that time of the year.

I came home to weary pets,
like us humans they find
this time of the year
utterly exhausting.

I say
'Let sleeping dogs lie'
even if they are doing it in

 Time to just enjoy the garden.

 Wakey wakey Oscar,
check out those Petunias!

 Also time to Photo bomb the Garden!!

 The Garden is exploding with colour!

 'Who let the chooks out?
Cluck, cluck'
(sung to who let the dogs out of course!)

Ada has a limp,
she too may be near the end.

 Girls getting on it at the Chicken Bar.

 Promising signs of things to come.

 Feeling a lot of Blue.

My little slice of paradise.

 Crops will need to be harvested.

 Nothing loves you more than a DOG!!
A big black dog.

Enjoy the garden little bird
and do invite all your friends.

Sit back and peacefully wait for the end.

Like f#*k!!!

I have two dinners next week to go to.
It is time to get your glad rags on and go out!!!

Summer is HERE so we must get out
and enjoy it!!

As one year ends the next one begins, as one job ends another is found.  Things have to end sooner or later so we can have new beginnings!!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

Look at you all perfectly colour co-ordinating with your garden seat ... looking good and so is the garden.

Goody said...

The man shed is littered with dirty socks (on the floor).

A new job means a new location, and new shops to visit-so it ain't all bad.

Any gallery should be proud to exhibit Dawn's beautiful work.

Julie said...

Hi Sue, had been thinking of you & how you would soon be finishing your job. Gosh Dawns pottery is just sooo gorgeous. Your garden is looking beautiful & your tiered planter box has grown so much :-) Have a great weekend Sue

Julie said...

Sue, did you know you had a word verification box on your blog comment form?? You didnt use to have it there ... have seen a few blogs with it appearing & they dont know its there so thought I should tell you. I just clicked on Publish without going through the word verification thingy & my comment published okay.

Leeanne said...

They WILL miss your bright cheery face! Yup I see that word thingie too!

Marja said...

Sorry to hear about your job but as one door closes another opens.
Love your garden Looking good and love your friends pretty creations

Beth Waltz said...

That electron-charged shade of blue shall henceforth be known as "Sue's blue." You're the bluebird of happiness, Sue, photo bombing your garden paradise as it explodes in color!

Once upon a time a clown-comedian named Red Skelton (famous in the States) explained to his dying son that life was a parade that never ended. Everybody gets to march in it, we just don't know where we're going... Enjoy the band!

Alwin Leerling said...

Enjoy your Christmas, and the break.
Have to say, am loving your longer hair - you look fantastic!

peaches mcginty said...

Yep, you are right, there has to be an ending for a new beginning to happen and you never know how awesome that can be (although I'd be GUTTED if you left my workplace!) gorgeous pics there Missus! your hair is divine! and your garden, and the bird of paradise (you have edu-macated me!) and Dawns creations too - last pic of you made me LOL!! x x x