Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Mid week antics, and all in the RAIN!!!

Yep it rained and it was not nice.
Mainly because it was so warm making it wet and muggy. 

Not Impressed!!

This morning I drove out to Dawns place.
The surrounding hills were all dark blue
and the sky was brewing something!

Later in the day thunder rolled into town.

Millie wanted in
but she had to stay out!!

These four caravans are seconds
the glaze on them is not shiny
so all are up for sale
$65 each.
Half the normal price so a good buy
for a glorious bit of Art.

On my way home I went to check out
the new playground being built at the Lake.
I want to be 4 ft again!
It is going to be wicked when completed.

This multi coloured dress arrived in the morning mail.
(purchased off Trade ME)
So I wore it!!
To the Supermarket
in the rain!
To my Physio appointment
in the rain!!
Then I met my sister who was in town for the day
in the rain!!! 

We had a great time doing the retail shops in a couple of Malls, something I don't often do, but she loves it as she lives at the beach where the shops are limited.  Xmas shopping got done, and we had a fab old time together, as we always do. She is  another member of my family that I choose to be around and she is now staying the night at our mothers.

Imagine how cool it would be if it was
as easy as blowing on one of these and making
a wish for the rest of the family
to get on, play by the rules, and be nice.


Vix said...

That picture of Millie is just adorable! xxx

Curtise said...

Brooding skies, a fabulous frock, but how could you leave Millie outside? Look at that face!
Families... They're all a bit bonkers one way or another, I reckon! As long as there a few of them you get on with, that's a bonus! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

When my ancient cat was in the ICU, her neighbors in the glass cubicles adjoining hers were two even more elderly cats, sitting tight and looking cranky. The vet tech explained they were sisters, that they had hated each other since birth nearly 20 years ago, and that was why their mistress a) had to pay for them to be boarded separately b) named them for the sisters in the bible whom the apostle admonished to stop fighting. "Just like people...", she muttered.

Goody said...

I haven't seen my sister in decades. I wish it were otherwise, but it ain't meant to be.

It couldn't have seemed grey wearing that lovely dress and wild purple top. Humidity seems to do great things to your hair. Lucky gal!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh poor Millie ... she wants inside, away from the thunder ... so cute :0)

Raewyn said...

I love those caravans!! Milly is gorgeous - how can anyone resist that look in her eyes? We enjoyed the rain down on the farm but not the mugginess - cant have it both ways I guess! Great that you and your sister get on so well.