Saturday, 20 December 2014

The best job and nicest boss ever.

So yesterday was my last day working at the Sign writers, and what a day, it was long.  I did 9 hours but everything is done for the year, their pays are all set up for the next four weeks, all the IRD things have been sorted, bills have been paid and set up to be paid, and all the invoices and statements went out.  I left knowing that things were indeed tidy and they can all go on holiday and not have to worry about any office thing at work.  It wasn't sad saying good bye as I know I have made some new friends and who knows I could end up back there if things change.

They gave me this lovely bunch of flowers and a thank you card.  As if I needed thanking, I loved working there.  I never once got up in the morning and thought, crap I have to go to work.  This was the best place I have ever worked  with a bunch of guys that just all got on, we had so many laughs.  In fact the night before the entire staff, partners and children went out for dinner, there was 17 of us and it was lovely.  So nice to meet the ladies that partner these guys.  They welcomed TOF and we had an enjoyable evening out with them all.

Before I left my lovely boss handed me an envelope and told me to open it at home.  Hugs all round and I was off.  When I got home this is what he had put in the envelope, $200!!!  How amazing is that?  I am employed by an agency who they have been paying so I didn't think I would get anything.  The flowers were more than enough.  So I phoned him and thanked him and said it was very generous and was he sure it wasn't too much.  He told me they had had a good year, it is Christmas and thanked me again.

This just proves that there are great jobs out there and awesome, generous and appreciative bosses.  So now it is time for me to kick back and enjoy the summer holidays (summer has yet to truly arrive but she will eventually) and think about getting another job in a few weeks.

Now just for a good laugh...

There are a lot of hilarious photos doing the rounds at the moment of people re in-acting a childhood photo so here is my attempt!!  

You should give it a go!!


Marja said...

What a fantastic boss He must have been very happy with you being so generous The flowers are beautiful.
I cracked up laughing seeing that photo So cool

Julie said...

Wow Sue ... what a cool boss!!!! And they obviously appreciated YOU & all your hard work. Not to mention your baking they are going to miss. Love the flowers they gave you.
But OH that photo, you are such a scream, you did make me laugh today. I adore that pic of you when you were little with that pram & think of it everytime I look at my old pram on my deck. And Sue .... You havent aged a single bit!!!!!! :-) x0x0

Beth Waltz said...

Sue, given the choice between an employee who worked hard and an employee who showed up every day with a pleasant attitude -- I'd choose the attitude. Given a situation in which the attitude graced a hard worker, I'd gladly give her $200 to ensure she knew she was truly valued.

Sounds as though you found folks who share your predisposition (obviously the lass with the pram displays the 'happy Suesday smile' we prize) to enjoy life. I'm sure they hope to see you again soon!

Leeanne said...

Awesome!! Glad your boss appreciated you! Love the photo, you could have taken that at Julies place with her old prams. Hey that robot thingie is it my Christmas present?

Goody said...

What a nice thing for your boss to do. So nice to have people take notice of your good work.

Excellent Then and Now photo.

Angels have Red Hair said...

A boss like that is worth his weight in gold … I hope you get the chance to go back one day.
Love the photo … both the photos :0)

Vix said...

That's an ace copy of your childhood photo!
What a lovely boss, those flowers are very classy looking. xxx

Curtise said...

How nice of your boss to show such generous appreciation for your work. That photo recreation is brilliant! xxx