Friday, 5 December 2014

Ok so I am committed now.....

... or I should be!!
(not sure if I like white coats tho')

For some reason last Christmas I seemed to have misplaced my Xmas spirit, my mojo, my enthusiasm for the season.  I am not a big lover of Xmas, as in Shopping Malls crambed full of tinsel and Xmas music in November and stuff like that.  But now that it is December, I am ready to embrace Xmas by way of my/our tree.  I do enjoy decorating my/our tree.  I say it is our tree but the lads firmly protest and say it is mine.

It starts with a naked fake tree
dusted off and fluffed up.
Well after I had vacuumed the lounge!
(Even I am still in shock at doing that.)

Tex decided he needed to help.
I think he was decoration security!!

Dad is first on the tree.
Hi Dad,
Merry Christmas,
miss you!

 My dear friend Louise made the decorations left and right,
while the one in the middle another dear friend of mine Leonie
sent from Germany while she was living there.

These two I made.

My collection of decorations is a work in progress because I add to it each year, this year it has been retro ones from op shops.

Here it is,
all gussied up ready for

Yes she is!!
So I made her lunch and then we went to the op shops.

This is all I got!
OK, I got a couple of books too.

 It is dark enough now for the lights to go on.
Our Santa sacks are under the tree.

This dude is hanging on the front door.
As the Madden brothers song goes,
Done done done done done
I am done!!

And for those that think I should do more.... friend Liz and I have a message.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Norty Liz! What a tart! lol Tree looks good, reckon I'll be putting mine up this weekend :D Thanks for lunch and I hope you enjoyed cruising in the new motor :D

Curtise said...

Who knew the Queen could be so... demonstrative?
Your tree looks lovely, it's nice to have decs with some history and associations attached. Isn't Tex a good boy for helping?! xxx

Raewyn said...

That looks like a good dosing of Christmas spirit! Haven't even thought about our tree yet. I'm with you on crowded malls, every year I vow to be more organised!!

Rose Bell said...

Yep Xmas is here, love your tree with the decorations. I surprised myself two trees now up. Indoor tree up and decorated, outside tree has new solar lights - santa surely can't miss two trees.
Now we just need santa to deliver summer- that would be best present

Goody said...

Tex is just getting familiar with which ornaments he'll swat from the tree first. My sister had a cat that managed to get stuck in the tree somehow before bringing it crashing down. Tex is smarter than that, I'm sure.

I think it looks lovely, and so cozy in front of the heater. If I didn't know where you were, I'd think it looked like a winter scene.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Your tree looks gorgeous and festive. I like this time of year in theory ... practise, however, is another thing altogether.

Helga said...

hahahaha, I have that Queenie as a glif on an interwork chat thingy. Love her!
Now, Tex is exactly the sort of decoration security a gal requires. He can secure mine anytime!
But it wouldn't be chrissy ones, as I don't do chrissy. Being non religious and a bit of a rebel, I simply do NOT see the point! I'll send time with my loved ones any day of the week I feel like, not when I'm told to, thank you very much! I just carry on as usual, and go through the motions for G's religious Mama. But that is IT.
I'll have another glass of red and drink to that, I think!

Beth Waltz said...

Your tree is a tribute to love, Sue, and it glows accordingly. (I am a religious type, by the bye, who regards those who believe in the power of love as fellow travelers on the path.)

Oh dear, ol' Tex seems to be regarding the ornament box as a holiday pressie of cat toys. Please give him a skritch on the head for me.

The beaded golli is amazing! She looks like another one of those aliens from Zorp that Thorne collects!

freckleface said...

Ooh, I love your little beaded African op shop doll! Look at Tex, all chilled out, so cute. Oh yeah, xmas is coming isn't it. Must look lively. Soon. Xxx