Friday, 5 December 2014

I have a lovely new friend!!

And no one died!!

Sorry, but I always tell peeps that I have enough friends and that they will have to go on my waiting list until a current friend pops off!!  Yes I have a warped sense of humor in fact some people do not find me remotely funny.  Do I care?

Anyway, as I wasn't attending work today I phone the very lovely Julie.

She has the cutest shop called Threadbear Cottage out Kihikihi so if you are ever in that neck of the woods you seriously need to call in.  For a start Julie has the most beautiful garden, care to have a wee look?

 A lavender edged path leads you to her pond
full of huge goldfish and flowering Water Lilies.

An absolutely gorgeous fragrant and colourful flower bed.

Threadbear Cottage
brimming with exquisitely hand made
treats to purchase.

I adore how Julie fills well loved barrows,
baskets and even an old Beattie Washing machine
with an abundance of colourful plants.

The Giant Golly greets you at the gate
to let you know you are there.

I know where my little dolls pram now lives!

With my old bikes in her garden!!

We drank cups of tea, ate the most divine Louise Cake and Muffins with berries and white chocolate in them.  We chatted and laughed so much that Julie then made me some lunch.  This is only the second time I have been to Julies place and I just know I will be back there often.  Some people you just instantly click with and you know they will be in your life for a long time.  Sorry Julie, you cannot get rid of me now!!!!

 Before I knew it my watch was telling me
 it was time to go home.

My popping in for a visit turned into an all dayer, that just shows how lovely and relaxing it was at Threadbear.

Little Miss Jinx made an appearance and is as gorgeous in real life as she is in all her photos on Julie's blog.  Blackie high tailed it under the deck on my arrival.  What a fabulous garden for two kittens to live in.

Julie sent me home with a lettuce, a huge head of broccoli and some silver beet from her vegetable garden.  My girls feasted on the beet this afternoon when I got home.

The first time I met Julie she drew me a detailed map of where all the op shops are in Te Awamutu, the town before Kihikihi.  I managed to call in to one on my way into Te Awamutu where I found this doll called Anna Angel.  I think she will end up moving to Whangamata to live with my sister. I didn't have time to check out the others on my way home which means I will have to go back.  Oh what a shame!!!

Back home in my garden I picked Strawberries and collected eggs.  
We grow Strawberries bigger than chicken eggs!!!
Well bigger than Bantam Eggs!!!

I had the most lovely time today,
Thank You Julie 
for your hospitality.

Now I need to meet Leanne
and have that cup of tea we keep talking about!!


Beth Waltz said...

Your self portrait at the end of the post is a beautiful "thank you" to Julie: "See how bright-eyed and rested I am, after a day in the magical place you've created."

Lavender, lilly pond with goldfish, flower beds that smell as nice as they look, well-loved toys and kitties -- what's not to love? (Well, those green veg are a little on the unworldly large size...)

So glad you enjoyed a day off your feet!

Julie said...

Gosh Sue .. your post made even ME want to visit my own garden !!! Great pics ... little Madam Jinx is most happy you captured her up the tree. I really enjoyed our visit together & am fretting today that perhaps I talked too much & didnt feed you enough!!! I dont know where the time went to. Thanks so much for all the treasures you bought over for me too. We will have to get together for the Op Shop trip we keep promising ourselves. x0x0

Helga said...

What a fantastic fecking garden!
Hahaha, you and your pram are SO cute, and you haven't changed a BIT!
So lovely to have such a great day with a wonderful friend! Yeah, get out for some opshopping with Julie PRONTO!

Raewyn said...

Gaw-jus post Sue. I've been to Julie's too and can just relate to what a happy visit it was :-) Your photos of her lovely place really do make me smile. Good to hear you had a great day.

Leeanne said...

Ok no green eye jealous monster looming inside me today, ok well maybe a weeeeeeee bit! Isn't Julie the best! I too love to visit, sadly it isn't often enough. Glad you got there again, again magic photo's...................right I best get ready for you popping up for that cuppa! I look forward to it. I might have to visit all the Opshop shops first :-)

Vix said...

Love that picture of you and the pram, were those your Mum's shoes?
What a gorgeous garden, bursting with great ideas. xxx