Monday, 15 December 2014

Such a productive Monday

For starters, I bottled all the Beetroot that I had pulled from the garden.  Some people say "but it is so much cheaper to buy it in a tin at the Supermarket, why bother?".  Well I bother because (1) I grow it, (2) I enjoy doing it, (3) I know exactly what has gone on it and in it when growing and  bottling, and (4) it tastes divine, oh and (5) it looks bloody marvelous in jars!!

TOF and I have decided we will plant another crop now that we have a vacant position in the garden!  I can feed the leaves and the ends to the girls so there is no wastage and I re use jars. How GREEN am I?

I hunted for eggs as the girls are playing hide and seek with their eggs at the moment.  I found one under little Coral, she is so pretty.  Another basket of Strawberries was picked and there are more ripening up.  We are getting a bumper crop this season.  I have bagged and frozen quite a few so jam making will be happening later on sometime.

After lunch I rang Country Sue.  We used to refer to ourselves as City Sue and Country Sue for a while, now we call each other an assortment of names!!  Anyway, as I said I rang Sue to see what she was up to and did she want a visitor, of course she said yes so off I went.

Paddocks are full of these bales at the moment, some are scattered about awaiting collection while others are neatly stacked.  Being a towny through and through, I would say this is feed for the stock.

Sue has her Christmas Mojo happening, and has gorgeous decorations dotted about her home, she even has Two Trees!!  I have told her she must do a Christmas blog to share all her decorating. Little Max was hanging with us girls waiting for the usual walk around the property.

 Meet the rather lovely Cara.

 And dear old Isabelle lying down
Donald is sneaking past her.

The calves above are nameless as they will make their way into the freezer one day and we all know you shouldn't name your food.  Donald in the bottom photo had a partner called Mac but he wasn't well so has gone to cow heaven (the offal hole).  How glorious are the huge sunflowers and the Lavender hedge is really doing it's thing down the driveway.

Sues garden is thriving with all the warm weather and, the odd days of rain we have had  has certainly promoted growth. Bees were in abundance busily filling up on pollen.

         Barns and implement shed look so cool in black and white.

Max leaped over the hedge bordering the Roses like a super dog, I must make him a cape and a mask!!  SUPER DOG MAXIMUS!!

Apparently the Sunflowers were self sown, how glorious they are too.

I got home after TOF and we decided on Fridge surprise for dinner tonight.  So while we pondered what we construct from all the leftovers we got stuck into to barking part of the garden.

We have continued on with using black bark and edging the area with branches we have had cut from our big trees.  TOF makes me these metal pin things that get hammered into the ground over the branches so they don't move.  I am pretty happy with how it looks.

Before I go!!

Last week I got a parcel in the mail all the way from Omaha, Nebraska, USA.  Yes the seriously lovely Goody sent me the amazing hand made colourful card, some candy cane life savers, which I might add a delicious, and a very handy light that goes in your hand bag that is activated when you shake your bag to aid in finding things.  Genius!!  So huge thanks goes out to you Goody for sparkling up my day and FYI the card isn't in the sunshine so it shall not melt!!

Just in case you wanted to know
we dined on
Chicken and Cheese Toasted sandwiches.
TOF also had steak
and left over Nacho Mince!!

Fridge Surprises are the BEST!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Sues place is awesome I could so live there! Oh......hang.....I already do live there :D Bahah! Cool pics. x

Vix said...

That black and white shed photo is wonderful, that needs to be framed.
Lusting after that beetroot, haven't had any for ages and now I'm craving some. xxx

Curtise said...

You are indeed impressively green, Sue! I love that you and the other Sue are Town Mouse and Country Mouse (though I suspect that neither of you are remotely mousey!) Look at Max, leaping through the air - a flying dog, hurray! Gorgeous pics, as always. xxx

Helga said...

Home bottled beetroot is a fave! MMMM, love it....and homemade pickled onions too! Clever bint!
Your garden is truly wondrous, and looking so inviting. I suspect we could all live there quite happily if the shit went down.
Yes to fridge surprises! I fancy myself to be pretty good at conjuring awesome things out of left overs!

Julie said...

Gorgeous pictures Sue, both of your garden & Sue's christmas decorating. You inspire me to pull my beetroot out & bottle it ... its ready now but I have been procrastinating.
One of my fav meals is fridge surprise. I love leftovers, their flavour has developed :-)

Leeanne said...

Go greenie girl! You know i love roasted baby beetroot, hard to buy the small ones, OK when you grow your own.
A great drive to country Sue, her garden is looking might fine, looking forward to her Christmas post you nagged her to do! My garden is not looking so flash as we are being battered by rain and least there are no terrorists here , that is a blessing!