Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Silly Season is in full swing.

Always at this time of the year there are numerous work/Christmas parties and dos on.  One such event is held at our local Horse Racing Club where peeps throw on there glad rags, look fabulous and head off for a day in the sun with a punt or two on the nags.  TOF and I got all gussied up one year for one of these race days and it rained the entire time, not that it dampened any festivities!!  Yesterday Jak and his mates had a pre drink in our garden before heading off to said Races, which is a gentle wander down the road from where we live.

We have played host to many a young persons get together over the years in our garden and totally enjoy having these young ones around.  As the above picture says, I can totally endorse doing this.  When I was growing up our family home had an open door policy to our friends and it was great.  I would rather be the one that has everyone around here and know they are all safe than not know and worry.  Not that I have worried about the lads for a long time.  Luckily both chose really good friends, the sort of friends you can invite home!!  I suppose that with TOF and I have pretty relaxed attitudes to life has made it a lot easier too.  Anyone is welcome here, there are only two rules, 'Don't wake us up' and 'clean up your mess'.

And who wouldn't want to know this bunch of lads?  All doing well in life all following their own path.  Four are at University and Two are apprentice builders.  Bloody good catch for any young lady.  Just saying!

I provided some nibbles while they all par took in some quiet beverages, I took some photos and then they headed off out the gate to the Racing Club.



Not too much of a mess!!

So while they were all down at the Races TOF and I potted about in the garden and generally were on cruise control.  Pretty much the norm for us on a weekend.  The day rolled by and before we knew it the troops were back, slightly worse for wear but full of the joys and love of life!!

It is times like this that I wish I was a twenty year old again.  No big worries, life was all about having a good time, and a good time was always had.  No mortgage or nasty grown up bills, just a fabulous disposable income to be disposed every weekend at will.

Off course the pets found their way down the garden path
to join in as best as they could.
They hate to be left out of anything!!

I loaded this motley crew into one of the lads vans and drove them all to a party.  It was one of the noisiest and funniest drives I have been on for a while.  I used to deliver Max and his mates to destinations all round town so it only seems right to be doing it all again.  I would also prefer to drive them than them drive when they have all been drinking.

Again, because I am a mother and I am sure any mother would do the same.  Off course there was an early morning phone call for the pick up.

Which I did for the same reason above
and it was raining,
and I was still awake as
I was watching the movie

When I am to old and doddery
and bordering on dangerous as a driver
my Taxi service will halt
I aught to have a hell of a huge list
of drivers to call on
as I am 'paying it forward'
driving them all

Now for something completely different.

Remember these gorgeous hand crafted delights made for me by my darling friend Louise, well she has just finished a new line of delightful mice.  I have fallen in love with the lot of them, these mice I would be happy to have in my home, not the sort I caught earlier on in the year!!

Louise said it was alright for me to borrow and share her photos on my blog, because I said they were so Blog worthy.  This bunch of Merry Mice were making their way to a Market this afternoon in Auckland to be sold and at $45 each I am pretty sure they will all find a very nice new home.  Not that where they come from isn't nice!!

 Look at that tiny little hand knitted hoody.

 Hatch is Louise's label.

 Love the stripy hat!!

I mean to say,
could they get any cuter??

I love that I have super creative friends and I am only too pleased to promote any of their fabulous creations with the rest of the world.  

It is what you do isn't it?


Curtise said...

Ahh, you're a good mum, Sue, and I bet your lads, and all their friends, really appreciate you. What a good-looking bunch of youngsters!
Those mice - sooooo cute! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

A likely lot of lads -- and mice, Sue! You have a gift for making a mother's prudence appear as joyful participation. Thanks for reminding us elders that youth still need us, even when they tower above us and especially when they are not entirely sober...

Fiona said...

Good times eh? I'm sure you are appreciated. One of those lads is the spit of you so I'm guessing he's No.1 or 2. My dad offered to pick me up from a xmas do this week ....and I'm 52! Love him.

Goody said...

You're a great mum, and they'll remember all you did too. Age and responsibility come soon enough-good to see young people being young.

Yes, those are the sort of mice that don't do damage to one's home or nerves. Adorable.

SAM said...

We always told the kids-call if you need a ride-no questions asked. Of course later we'd impart parental advice.

peaches mcginty said...

You are a Top Mum! I don't drive so Dave has the driving duties here (although I'm learning next year again, Oh Dear God!) you are like me, I like an open house too, it's a whole lot of fun and your Jak and his friends are a fab and very good looking bunch too! Those mice are certainly the type I prefer (especially after our recent rat/rodent thang) yes, give me gorgeous and pretty felted ones!

Leeanne said...

You go good Mum! Yes I remember those fun carefree days too, oh and it was In Hamilton too!
LOVE the wee Christmas mice!
P.S did you know that 'prove you are not a robot' thing has appeared suddenly on your blog? BTW......I am not a robot!

Marja said...

You are a good friend and a good mum. What a great bunch of young people. Good on ya to keep them safe! I drive them to places as well and now I am the driver instructor. A new challenge
Cute the dog and cat join in the fun The mice are gorgeous

Julie said...

Oh that brings back lots of memories Sue ... I too, was Mums taxi service, lots of times :-) Good days & lovely sons.
Your friends Mice ...Oh wow!!! I just adore them & would love the whole family with their little trees!!!! Such awesome detail.

freckleface said...

Wow, you're a great mum. It's a testament that they want to bring their friends round to yours. Aren't they a good looking bunch, and yes, I know what you mean, wouldn't it be fun to be 20 all over again?! xxx