Friday, 26 December 2014

There was no boxing here on Boxing Day

I think I have only been to the Boxing Day Sales once and if my memory serves me correctly I went and sat in the car.  Funny how when the shops are closed for ONE DAY how people seem to go into madness and mayhem overdrive and go in the masses to the malls to push and shove and possible Box over something on sale.  

Not for me no siree!!  

Today was all about chilling out at home.  Hang on, don't I do that most days?  Well why stop doing something you enjoy I say!!  And I am extremely good at it to.

We have so many lovely fragrant flowers growing in the garden, so today I picked a small bunch of colourful perfume to go inside.  I also picked peas, strawberries and found one egg!  The elusive layers are still at it, I may have to go under cover and do some surveillance.

How pretty do they look in a little jug?

The girls are seriously being sneaky about the egg laying, they watch me watching them, and they follow me when I go looking, I know they are laughing on the inside!!

Loving my Pink Hydrangea.
Must get me a white one.

Look what Uncle Google told me.

What better way is there to end a day but with a nice cold Beer.  I thought they were Jaks as they were neatly stacked in our fridge getting nice and cold. 

Turns out they were his mates!  
Well if they are in my fridge they are mine aren't they? 

Now for a bit of good advice.


Beth Waltz said...

Thanks, Sue, for posting the pretty nosegay -- I can smell the spicy floral scents even here.

And thanks for the thoughtful notice. My job requires me to slither through masses of (m)asses this week -- I'd much rather be sitting in the garden with you and ol' Tex, quaffing free found beer and admiring your pigtails.

Raewyn said...

Grin! I stay away from the sales too, cant be bothered with all the people and the feeling you have to buy just because there's a sale!! Lovely posy :-)

Leeanne said...

Oh yeah take off the M!!! Same here we stay clear of the shops. Wouldn't mind going for a nice walk then stop for a nice coffee, but I can walk around my garden then come inside and put the jug on!

Helga said...

Feck the Boxing Day sales....NEVER EVER do that shit! So scary. I hate crowds!!!! We were travelling back from Havelock-the weather suddenly really turned it on, didn't it?!
You would be so proud, we had a curry featuring our own peas and courgettes last night, and tonight, my slaw has our own basil, mint and carrots!!! YEE!
Getting into this gardening shit.
Beersies, baby-I'll raise you a few bumholes. Thanx for being such a love, you brighten my day, everyday, and especially when I'm having a bad time!

Curtise said...

Happy Christmas, Sue - cheers, m'dear! Gawd, having worked retail last year, I am appalled at the number of idiots who want to go shopping on Boxing Day. Are they MAD? I think so.... Far better to do what you did - stay home, chill with a beer or two, gather pretty flowers and garden produce, and enjoy! xxx

Shawna McComber said...

Dearest Sue, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I am so happy to be popping in for my much needed dose of Sue, chickens and posies. Any beer in your fridge is definitely yours! Boxing Day is definitely for staying home. I am in complete agreement.
Love and hugs!

freckleface said...

I'm fascinated by the mystery eggs and the chickens with poker faces! Those flowers are beautiful. Amazing that you are in full summer and we have snow. Never ceases to fascinate me. Boxing day sales, sounds exhausting! Xxx

Goody said...

"Finders keepers" applies to beer in or out of the icebox. The flowers from your garden are beautiful-especially the carnations. I've tried growing them without much success, but you've inspired me to give it another try this summer.

I can't help but wonder if the dogs and cat know what the girls are up to? I think they're *all* having a laugh at your expense. Conspiracy!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Well they do say that possession is nine tenths of the law … and as you clearly possess it, then I say it's yours ;0)
I never, ever, ever go the the Boxing Day sales … in fact I do everything I possibly can to avoid anything remotely resembling a shop on Boxing Day.

Marja said...

I stay away from boxing sales as well
Love your advice and your beautiful flowers you put so craftedly in a vase
I love the pink flowers as well and I have the same flower pot in the garden
You chickens are gorgeous We used to have them but thy kept escaping and made such a mess

Vix said...

Those blooms are gorgeous. What a stunner of a photo.
Sales? Getting up at 3am in the morning to queue for tat that nobody wanted at full price? Some people are very odd, thank god we're normal! xxxx