Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas day went a little like this.

It started at a very leisurely time of the morning, roughly round 9am when our eldest Max arrived.  How I remember those early morning wake ups when the lads were wee and full of excitement about Santa, such great fun and good memories.  But now we get to lie in for longer and still enjoy the day but in such a different way, all good.

TOF cranked up the BBQ and cooked bacon, sausages and his favourite Tattie Bread, or Potato Bread for those that do not know what Tattie Bread is.  At our local Farmers Market there is the nicest Irish lady that my Irishman can purchase his Irish treats from.  His mother used to cook these for him, she has since handed me the cook book and that is the end of that story.  Bless you Irish lady at the Farmers Market saving me from attempting to cook as good as his mother.  Back to breakfast, all the BBQ stuff was joined with poached eggs, toast and hot drinks.

The one gift each gig worked really well and everyone was happy with the resulting gifts.  My gift-er was Max who labeled my gift with 'Old Gal' in marker pen because we are way flash in this house.  He got me a cook book I wanted, yes I know I say I don't cook but I can be inspired.  He also gave me some sterling silver hoop earrings which I have worn since getting them.  The gift on the left was from my sister Helen's boss and his wife.  Totally unexpected and truly appreciated.  This is because I take stock over to the beach for them when going to visit Helen.  Such lovely people, and as I said to them, delivering stock means spending time with one of my favourite people.

Max went home to kick back at his with mates, Jak kicked back on our couch with treats and booze, so TOF and I took the dogs out to Raglan.  Our NZ Christmas Trees are in full bloom everywhere out at the beach and looking spectacular. 

I want to be a Sea-gull,
I fancy flying over everything.
Imagine the view.
imagine the photos!!

Sheba and Astrix had a meet in the ocean.

 Oscar tried his very best to keep up with Sheba.
Those little legs let him down!

Sue and her hubby Joe and son Michael and their dogs met us on the beach.  It was overcast but warm and we chatted while the dogs ran in and out of the water.  I shared some bubbles with Sue, as you do and we ate Christmas Minces.  People were surf casting, swimming, walking, even BBQ-ing on the beach, it was marvelous to see so many people taking advantage of the outdoors.  Why wouldn't you, not a drop of snow in our hemisphere!!!

Borrowed photos taken by Sue W of us enjoying the beach.


Searching for treasure you may well think.  Actually it was Michaels wallet and phone, both fell out of his pocket, he found his phone in the drink but not his wallet.  Anyway, my mission when the op shops are back open is to find him a man bag, a bum bag, a fanny pack!!  I shall have to put a Willie the Waiter on it somewhere if he is to sue it tho', Michael ain't the man bag kinda guy!!  Sue thinks shorts with zips on his pockets might be an option, but the thing is, would he do the zips up?  Lets see, he is a male, hmmmmmm!!

 Dear old Max, the dog, not my Max, he is a bloke, not a dog!!

And of course when we get together
we make it a SuesDay,
and ham it up for the camera!!

We parted company with the Webbers, loaded our wet, sand laden dogs into the back seat of the truck.  Then we did our standard drive along Cliff Street which will mean nothing to you if you don't know Raglan but it is a street that runs along the edge of the harbor.  I fancy a place in this Street I do.  Heaps of people were having picnics, it was all so casual and relaxing and looking very stress free and enjoyable.  Not a pissed of face was to be seen.  The chilled out option to Christmas seems to be catching.

I nearly nodded off on the drive home, that is what fresh sea air does to me, lucky TOF didn't nod off until we were home.  While he recharged his battery (slept) I threw together desert. TOF had already cooked a leg of lamb and a chicken yesterday so dinner was pretty much sorted. Just roasted spuds and a salad to do which was done later on.  One of Max's old flat mates called in to visit and Max arrived too and some drinking happened.  Beerzies!!!

So our day started with a BBQ and finished with my home made pavlova.  The girls donated some of their eggs and the strawberries came from our garden, and believe me it was delicious!!!  I grated a crunchie bar on top as I didn't have a flake bar, this might be my new topping from now on.

Our little country celebrates Christmas in Summer so no snow down here for us.  I hope to experience a White Christmas one year, but in the mean time I.....

...put a Nordic Blonde through my hair, so this is my White Christmas for this year!!

(PS: Diana you can tell Marge)


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Great to see you yesterday :) the wallet was in the car!! Love the last message xx

Goody said...

That is a beautiful Pavlova-the prettiest I've ever seen. I'd take that over a traditional Christmas pudding any day.

I had to laugh at, "Man bag." I had the hardest time getting Danny to carry his various eppi-pens, inhalers, etc. in a bag, so now he wears a waterproof money belt that can be tucked under his clothes. His stuff stays together, along with his dignity.

Spending Christmas with the people you love, and love being with sounds perfect. Glad you had a nice day.

Is the Nordic Blonde a Clairol colour? I only ask as I had some youthful adventures with 40 volume peroxide and Clairol Nordic Blonde. It looks MUCH better on you!

Raewyn said...

Looks like a fabulous kiwi Christmas!! Wonderful way to spend the day!

Beth Waltz said...

Thanks for sharing a Suesday Christmas at the beach -- I can smell the wet dogs and hear the sand crunch!

The Nordic Blonde becomes you well!

Leeanne said...

Awesome looking day!Lots of laughs to boot! Love the photo's of you and Sue taking photo's of each other!

freckleface said...

What a lovely chilled out day. That pavlova looks heavenly and your hair looks lovely. Xxx

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