Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Well yes, yes I did spend some money!

While visiting Whangamata I had a little spend. I didn't 'do' all the shops, I really cannot be arsed with the walk the length of the street thing, not my bag actually.  But Whangamata has a few unique shops I always visit and at this time of the year there are even pop up shops.

In the shop my sister Manages, 'Glamour' all the hand made felt Christmas decorations were on 50% so what better time to select a few for the tree.  Problem was deciding which ones to leave behind.

These super duper, lovely jubbly, colourful and soft shoes I bought from a pop up shop.  So comfortable to walk in, in fact I might take up walking!!!  Or NOT!!  Great for my gammy foot.  They are destined for an outing tonight.

Whangamata has two Opportunity Shops with little opportunity!  But I found two bags of mixed trims at the church one @ $2 each, and the old vinyl man bag at the St Johns one for $5.  St Johns is well over priced which is a shame as there is stuff still sitting there from this time last year!!

I wanted some shorts, but you can get either micro short shorts the bog standard teenage look or things that fit and go under your knees, as in Nana pants, both sorts just don't rock my boat.  Luckily I found these patchwork ones which screamed out my name!!  I wore them today and they are mint and so me.

Good news,
we found where the girls have been laying some of  their eggs.
In a bucket if you please!!

My Sunflowers are living up to their name.

I visited my lovely friend Anne today
she has a new baby.
Milo - a chocolate Lab.
Puppy Love!

Her garden has beautiful Hydrangeas in it.

With a new year looming it is time for words of wisdom.


Now you are well informed
go forth and have a...

...and I will see you all next year!!


Leeanne said...

LOVE the patchwork shorts did ya get me some???!!
Good ole hens turning a bucket into the local maternity ward!
Like those new Chrissy ornaments too.
Wishing you a magical New Year, with a get together!

Beth Waltz said...

A pair of shoes that suits your style (and foot), and a pair of patchwork shorts that fits! Unbreakable attractive ornaments for the 2015 tree! These are all excellent omens for the New Year!

Blessings on you, Sue, your men and your lively livestock in 2015!

peaches mcginty said...

Yes! those shorts are awesome and so you! excellent shoe-wear (as always!) and excellent goodies, love the lists Missus, I'm getting quite excited, I love New Years Eve - Have a good one and I wish you all the best for 2015 and beyond!!! x x x

Curtise said...

The shoes and shorts would look fab together!
Hope you have some great new year's celebrations, Sue! xxx

Goody said...

Happy New Year!

Terrific shorts and shoes, and how could you go wrong with a cute vinyl bag that boasts sturdy zippers? I won't even look at a bag with a plastic zip anymore.

All I ever found in my buckets on the farm were snakes (they liked the watering can too)eggs are MUCH better. Clever girls, aren't they?

Fiona said...

Those shoes look sooo comfy, oh dear am I showing my age?
Hope your new year celebrations went off with a bang.

Julie said...

Happy, happy New Year Sue :-)
I adore your new shorts ... also those felted ornies would've definately had to come home with me too. What a bonus at 50 % off. Milo is just adorable - look at those eyes. Wise words to see the New Year in x0x0

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm seriously in love with Milo :0)

Lally said...

Oh what fab finds! I particularly like those amazing shorts. It sounds like a wonderful place to shop! Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is great for you! Lally x