Friday, 2 January 2015

Day and Night or Night and Day....

...I enjoy my garden.

Summer really is here, the days are long, the sky is blue and the sun continues to shine.  Everything flourishes in good weather, so lets have a big old 'Hell Yeah' for Summer!!  Sorry to all of you covered in Snow, but hopefully you can feel the warmth from my photos.

Hopefully we are all cultivating flowers
in our minds!!

TOF and I went to the movies this morning to see 'The Imitation Game' and I must say, what a bloody brilliant movie it was.  Benedict Cumberbatch is the main character and very good, with a supporting cast of the likes of Keira Knightley, and the guy that plays Tom in Downton Abbey.  I even wore a frock as we went to the Lido in town which is slightly posh and awfully grown up.

My garden at night looks pretty dam fine, and the pink sky means more of the same fabulous weather for tomorrow.  We are thinking of a day trip at the moment, but we shall see in the morning.

Yes it does!!

Totally loving my Sunflowers
Thanks Sue Webber
for the plants!!

So what did you do on New Years Eve??

TOF and I went out to Raglan to our friends place where we enjoyed the evening.  We watched a brilliant Firework display from their deck, in the rain, yes it rained! But we still had a fine old time, with some drinkie poos, nibbles, plenty of laughs and some very long games of pool.  It was a late one for us, finally arriving home at 2:35am with me singing 'it's 2:35 and I got us home alive' as I was the sober driver for the night.  I will admit to having a large sleep the following afternoon, late nights aren't for me these days.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves 
New Years Eve.


Vix said...

Happy New Year to you, Sue!
Great firework photos and a very pretty frock. xxx

Goody said...

As I am looking at freezing rain and snow tomorrow, I will take advantage of your garden photos as an antidote.

Curtise said...

I agree, your garden is splendid! Wonderful firework shots too.
Happy new year to you and the family, Sue. Xxx

Raewyn said...

Happy New Year! Love your sun flowers - I'm still waiting for my seeds to germinate - think perhaps I've missed the boat with them! Cool fireworks photos :-)

Angels have Red Hair said...

Master 17 is desperate to see that movie and I've been putting him off ... but with your ringing endorsement I may just decide to give in.
Glad you had a good New Years, I stayed sober too ... someone had to control all those teenagers :0)

freckleface said...

You have a really beautiful garden, no wonder you love spending time in it. Happy New Year to you Sue. Xxxxx

Leeanne said...

Yes your garden is kick arse!!

Beth Waltz said...

That dress has such intense colors you appear to be wearing a patch of your glorious garden!