Sunday, 4 January 2015

Another lazy weekend, may they continue

Four days into the year and I think TOF and I have this rest and relaxation (R & R) gig sorted.  Going back to work eventually could prove difficult!!  

 It would seem I have won the prize for first Toms 
to be grown and picked
beating TOF!!
Mine may be of the cocktail variety
but I am FIRST!!

Yesterday afternoon we mozied on out to Raglan.  The paddocks are looking a little dry and I guess the farmers will be calling for some RAIN soon.

The sky looked like it was brewing 
up something but nothing came of it. 
Just heat clouds I suspect.

We wandered on the wharf,
people were fishing, shopping,
and eating fish and chips.

 The daisy painted bike was gorgeous.

From the wharf we drove through town to head out to Manu Bay.  I made a quick movie of the bay, not that good but you will at least get an idea of what it really looks like.

The wild west coast,
black sand and rocks on a coast line
that goes on forever.

Dudes were out surfing, blokes were fishing off the rocks and three guys were diving, snorkel and flipper styles.

 Natural beauty everywhere.

 Rock hopping surfers,
that all made it into the surf.

The paddle boarder fascinated me because I thought they only paddled in the flat stuff.  There was enough surf to entertain a good size bunch of surfers.

Yeah Manu Bay is pretty dam fine!!

 I wore some seriously faded clothes yesterday.
But seriously comfortable!!

I water the garden at night when it is nice and cool.
How wicked does the hose spray look at night?

 And the garden so appreciated the evening drink.

 Today was another glorious hot one 
so I put the cushions on the swing seat.

 Oscar found it to be the best seat in the garden.

 We enjoyed an afternoon cuppa outside on the swing seat.

 Tex chose water.

think we have totally got the 
R & R
under control.

Go on,
give it a go!!!


Leeanne said...

LOVE the end very true! I probably don't do enough of the R&R stuff!
You ARE the winning tomato grower! You know I STILL have my SOUL shoes! Bought them years ago when my now 21yr old daughter was at a Karate camp at Raglan.

Julie said...

Just playing catch up on your posts Sue ... sorry Mum is still with me so computer time limited :-)
I agree with Leeanne, that last verse is sooo true. Love your pics of Raglan, must be time I went back there I think - would love some Raglan fish & chips on the beach. Yes I think you did win the tomato competition too ... yours are way past mine, mine are still just flowering :-)
I am just off outside to water my garden too, a good dose of rain overnight would be much appreciated.

Poppy Q said...

I totally get what you are saying Sue. I am into the swing of just relaxing, reading a book and taking it easy during these days off.

SAM said...

As you share your tomato pictures, we got a fine new dusting of snow, swirling in the wind. On the road it almost looks like white sand. Minnesota dudes, snowboarders, will be happy. Your posts remind me summer will come again.

Vix said...

I'm salivating over those tomatoes of yours!
What a gorgeous beach trip. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Those tomatoes! German sweets? Cherry tomatoes are to be eaten in the garden, watching clouds and listening to birds and bugs and cats reciting cat poetry.

Thanks for the bay experience, Sue. It's spitting ice here in Indiana.

Fiona said...

Great pics Sue, just what's needed on a damp, grey, misty, bloody freezing day. Love the bird (it looks like a Cormorant but not sure if they're even natives of the southern hemisphere?

Curtise said...

Oh you don't have to convince me about the benefits of R&R, Sue - the thought of getting up early for the school run tomorrow is a killer!
Great photos, you have some amazing scenery and views. The toms look delicious, and the selfie of you and TOF is all romantic! xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

I hold the current World Championship in R and R ... and plan to remain undefeated ;0)